Houston Life features Dr. Trowbridge

February is Heart Health Month, and John Parks Trowbridge M.D. appeared on local news program Houston Life to show new ways to stay heart healthy this February!

Dr. Trowbridge recently sat down for an interview with Jack Canfield, host of Hollywood Live

Watch the interview to learn about Dr. Trowbridge’s unique approach to medicine and some of the unconventional treatments he offers.

Dr. Trowbridge recently won a Quilly Award from the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors.

Watch as he discusses what the award means to him and how he plans to build on his successful career spreading the word about integrative medicine!

ATTENTION: The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Read this message from Dr. Trowbridge.

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Many patients go to their regular doctor or specialist for heart problems only to discover the real problem was not their heart at all. The issue that started heart pains was pollution poisoning from toxic heavy metals. Chelation therapy removes toxic metals, leaving your veins and arteries renewed. It’s like a healthy Drano! We clear out the bad stuff and leave everything else just as is. It’s truly magical!


Do you have muscle or joint pains? Arthritis? Or do you suffer from sports injuries? Dr. Trowbridge specializes in non-surgical reconstructive therapy. With advanced prolotherapy and sclerotherapy, we are able to get you back to your normal routines without the bothersome pain.

Life Celebrating Health also offers PEMF, pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy. Dr. Oz claims this treatment to be the most recent advance in pain management medicine!


This syndrome is something many individuals aren’t aware of! Often times, people experience lingering or unusual conditions remain and their doctors are unable to make a correct diagnosis. The Yeast Syndrome typically comes from Candida albicans, which overgrows due to different medications and lifestyles.

The Yeast Syndrome can cause everything from stomach pains, heartburn, skin infections, and chronic coughs. If you have a recurring illness, look into this not-so-known syndrome!

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Factual and complete information on recent advances in alternative treatments that could be the answers you’ve been looking for – without daily drugs or surgery. People have come to our Houston, Texas, center from every continent except Antarctica – to enjoy better health as a result of our advanced treatments. Quite simply, we’ve established a world-class reputation because our programs work for the majority of people accepted for care of their aging and degenerative diseases. The HEALTH RECOVERY section explains how many of our patients have been rejuvenated by removing unsuspected pollution poisoning their body ….. toxic heavy metals that weren’t discovered by their regular doctors or specialists, even at university medical centers. Many of these people were suffering with progressive heart and blood vessel diseases, threatening to take their life. Our treatments have helped many of them gain dramatic improvements without daily drugs or surgery. The PAIN RELIEF section describes startling recoveries by people suffering – often for years – with neck and back pains, disabling headaches, severe arthritis pains. Many have undergone repeated operations, thinking that surgery was the answer. Others have taken cortisone and other potentially deadly anti-inflammatory medications, day in and day out, often for years. Our treatments have helped many of them find relief without daily drugs or surgery. The LIFE … LONG … HEALTH section briefly introduces our continually expanding efforts to help restore more youthful function and appearance, to return our patients to the vibrant, fulfilling lifestyle they enjoyed years earlier ….. for years longer! Thank you for stopping in ….. feel free to browse around, since we have hundreds of pages of valuable life-saving information available for you to download – free! And we have scientific documentation that you can show to your doctors, so they can truly understand your interest in pioneering technologies known as “alternative medicine.” You might wonder where the title “healthCHOICESnow” comes from. The name has everything to do with our invitation for you to download and print and share all our information with your friends and family. You see, our purpose is to start a CRUSADE to have people who KNOW share their information with others who need to LEARN. We call it the


C rusade to

H elp

O thers

I dentify and

C hoose

E xcellent

S olutions


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