LET’S CELEBRATE!  (with special savings at LCH)

What if you don’t have to have the risks of an “angiogram” dye injection test to see if you have heart-blockage disease?

Well, YOU DON’T!

Memorial Hermann Wellness Institute offers the HeartScan test that takes 10 minutes and shows hardening plaque in your heart arteries … and THIS month, it’s discounted to just $200! (insurance reimbursable to boot!)

PLUS we’ll interpret the report FOR FREE – a savings of almost $22 – just DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN and we’ll fax your order form to the Institute so you can make your appointment.   

[ Read about how our Chelation Therapy treatments can improve your HeartScan results in Dr. T’s entertaining book-on-disk called LIFE LONG HEALTH – just call us for FREE copies to share with friends and family! ]

Another Heart Healthy bonus from LCH: When you get your HeartScan during February, we’ll give you a certificate for a FREE interpretation of your next Urine Toxic Elements test – a savings of almost $43 – be sure to get yours this month!

[ Go to www.mercuryundercover.com to see an excerpt from an awesome documentary on how toxic metals (we ALL have them!) are creating our diseases – and it stars Dr. T! Order your copy of the full video from us or from the website. ]

One last point – DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN for copies of our Heart-Healthy Shakes snack and meal-replacement ideas, to promote stronger heart function – share these with your family and friends.

Grab these savings today!

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