“I’ve had a lot of circulation problems. I’ve had 6 stints open heart surgery and bypass surgery on both legs. Blood clot in the leg that was stopping the blood flow. The right leg was deprived of blood for 5 months. The cardiologist said that was all he could do. Someone suggested chelation. As a result, after 25 treatments, the feeling is back. I can now walk. No need for the walker now. I have not picked up a walker in 5 weeks. Other area have also improved due to blood flow being increased in all areas. I would recommend this to anyone, because surgery isn’t always the answer.”


“My overall health since seeing Dr. Trowbridge has greatly improved. My energy level has increased dramatically. He is doing RT therapy on my knee with significant positive results.”


“Dr. John P. Trowbridge came to my rescue after a doctor who was familiar with his methodology and critentials diagnosed me with Chronic Candidiasis. The original doctor, Gary Campbell, treated me using the Trowbridge techniques for years. Upon his retirement, I was at a loss. No one seemed to be able to address the situation or help–including the docter that Campbell referred me to. I had read the Yeast Syndrome, and was combing its index to find a doctor, when I realized that I could actually talk with the man himself. I made an appointment and it was SO incredibly worth the 5 hour drive. Dr. Trowbridge is a brilliant, professional, and personable man. I never regretted a single visit with him. I do wish that my insurance recognized my diagnosis and the prescribed medication as legitimate instead of treating me like I am a moron for even suggesting that the treatment works and that all my symptoms fit the diagnosis. Duh. Dr. Trowbridge, if you see this, it is written by Vista McCroskey Ph.D. I hope that you are continuing your good works and that life is as good to you as you have been to those of us who came to you with little or no hope. Thank you so much.”

Vista | Houston, TX

“I am thrilled with the program. I used to cry at the drop of a pin, felt very depressed and snap at everyone. I knew something was wrong and then I found out about Dr. T’s program. I was worried about cancer-causing hormones – but now I know the facts! I don’t have mood swings anymore, am back to my more positive and happy self, I don’t have hot flashes, and the program is easy to do. My husband is MUCH happier too! I highly recommend it!!”

Jackie | Bayfield, Colorado

“When I was in my 30s, I tried Premarin. If it helped, it wasn’t much. And when I found out it was made from pregnant horse urine, I quit. On Dr. T’s natural hormone creams, my husband and I are thrilled with my more mellow and balanced moods. And a cousin complimented me on the improvement of the skin on my face.”

Joanna | Porter, Texas

“It’s so nice to not burst into tears over nothing AND to get a good night’s sleep. I was crying, moody, and sleepless before I started the hormone replacement with Dr. T. I am so grateful for the cream, my liver loves the cream also!”

Mary Sue | College Station, Texas

“Great for mood, mind, skin, libido, I cannot imagine not being able to use or have access to these hormone creams. A definite aid to ‘balance’!”

Marilyn | College Station, Texas

“I am a 57 year-old woman that has been on bio-identical hormones since my late thirties. During this time, I’ve watched my friends suffer with all the issues of menopause, while I breezed right through it. Thank you, Dr. Trowbridge, you are just one of the few doctors offering women the option of bio-identical hormones.”

Joanne | Kingwood, Texas

“Before taking the HRT that Dr. Trowbridge recommended, I was having hot flashes really bad. I had been afraid for years to take the pharmaceutical company’s recommendations because of side effects. These are bio-identical, which means my body recognizes it as a hormone and not a chemical. I feel full of energy, live a very active life, sleep great, and don’t have hot flashes or fear.”

Gayla | Brenham, Texas

“Since starting HRT with Dr. T, I’m not irritable. I have a sense of well-being and my skin has improved also. It has been very beneficial for vaginal dryness also.

I am especially pleased with the blood analysis to find out what I need personally. I had been told you couldn’t do that. Also, it’s nice to know that I don’t have to be on drugs to get the same benefits and even better! The hormone cream syringes help, too; they make it easier to apply the cream. I recommend this to everyone. Helped my husband, too.”

Deann | Dayton, Texas

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