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Dr. John Trowbridge

Graduating high school as an Eagle Scout and National Merit Scholar, I was educated at Stanford (Biological Sciences, with graduate courses in immunology, biochemistry, and pharmacology), Case Western Reserve (Medical), and the Florida Institute of Technology Medical Research Institute (Preventive Medicine). I received graduate training in general and urological surgery (San Francisco and University of Texas/Houston). I chose to start a general practice of medicine in Humble, next to the Bush Intercontinental Airport, in 1978. Since then, my post-graduate training has been extensive and expansive, and I’m recognized internationally as an expert in several advanced anti-aging/longevity treatment strategies. Just for fun, I served as a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration and as the chief medical consultant to Texas International Airlines, which bought and merged into Continental Airlines.


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Transform Your Health Through Stem Cell Treatment

Getting Started with
Stem Cell Therapy

What’s the buzz about “stem cells”? We prefer to call them “regenerative cells,” a better description of what they do: these unique natural “engines” often help rejuvenate your own repair mechanisms, so you can literally “git along better” in coming months and years.

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What’s the Science Behind
Regenerative Cells?

We use only Regenerative Cells that are the premier cellular product on the planet. Building on hopeful experiences over the recent few years, this cell preparation involves rethinking and evolving science using cutting-edge technologies that set the standards in tissue preservation. Umbilical cord blood is obtained from scheduled Caesarian deliveries (C-section), where the donors have been fully tested through comprehensive infectious disease panels that surpass federal and industry standards, ensuring a safe product.


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