The Yeast Syndrome – Recover

Why does our health gradually erode over time? What can you do about it? In this episode of “Living Better with Dr. John Trowbridge” we discuss Yeast and the book The Yeast Syndrome — still the benchmark publication on the topic!


2 thoughts on “The Yeast Syndrome – Recover”

  1. Shirley McGathey says:

    Doctors don’t believe you when you mention mold. I have been fighting it since 1996 Everywhere I go there is mold- hot & wet Florida. I fell on steps & broke my hip (while visiting in Tenn). I had surgery there with a pin from my hip to my knee – and rehab there for 2 1/2 months. they gave me pain pills and some kind of meds several times a day – with plenty of carbs. I am not used to either. Atleast I am alive. I am 85 years old. Have been working hard at physical therapy since Thanksgiving 2017. Now August 2018 – still in therapy but back at home in Florida. I keep trying the natural supps but rehab in Tenn was really hard on me. lost my muscle, gums receded,etc. Was so healthy till all the mold since 1996. Have been a “health nut” since my kids were little. They used to get colds & flu till I gave them vits & minerals. Then I got interested & have read & practiced all I could find to do. Don’t know any mold doctors here and am getting really tired, but I keep trying. People don’t think I am 85 Yr old. Probably because of all the good stuff I’ve had all these years. Keep spreading the “good news” about healthy living & train some docs if they will listen! Gotta love you!

    1. Dr. John Trowbridge says:

      Any young 85 year-young woman who has a lively spirit like yours deserves to feel dramatically better. I’m almost certain that you now have Deep Blood Fungus, which requires specialized treatment beyond The Yeast Syndrome. Houston is a quick flight, we’re literally at the end of the runway for Bush airport. We’d need to see you about 4 times in the first 12 months, hopefully transfer your care to Florida doc when you’re clearly improving. Wishing you WELL!

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