A Special Bonus for you, in appreciation for visiting our web-site ….. the entire text of our book – a $12 value – to help you and your friends understand recent advances in diagnosis and treatment of heart and blood vessel diseases, the major causes of death in 20th century industrialized societies.

Regular medical doctors prescribe drugs and send patients to cardiology heart doctors. Cardiologists prescribe drugs and perform “angioplasty” balloon operations – and send patients to cardiovascular surgeons – who perform bypass operations. BUT WHAT ABOUT ANY NON-SURGICAL ALTERNATIVES?

Drugs will always be useful to “stop bad things from happening” – but they can do little to correct or repair underlying problems. (That’s why patients are often told “you’ll need to take this for the rest of your life.”) On the other hand, nutritional supplements are the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and other items from which your body is made. Properly prescribed, “therapeutic dosages” of nutritional supplements have been shown to be very helpful in aiding your body to correct or repair underlying problems.

Operations – whether balloon “angioplasty” (done since the 1980s) or other “bypass” procedures (done since the 1960s) – can be lifesaving, when they are needed to get blood past a blockage in major blood vessels. However, surgery is restricted to a few dozen inches of larger blood vessels – and it does nothing to help correct or repair underlying problems that caused the blockage ….. and these problems are still affecting the other 60,000 MILES of blood vessels in your body. Indeed, “repeat” operations are common, because the newly opened or bypassed areas can block off again.

Chelation therapy is an alternative you should know about that’s been around since the 1950s. This therapy can result in better function of body cells and organs and improved blood flow to many areas of the body. The results can be remarkable. Chelation therapy has been used to “turn on” the body repair processes. It’s a prescribed medical treatment, offered only by licensed, trained physicians–just the same as operations are offered only be licensed, trained surgeons.

We offer programs that include nutritional supplements, operations, chelation therapy and proper dietary and exercise prescriptions. These treatments are here to help each and every patient survive better. The key many individuals and doctors don’t understand is how to use them best. 

That’s what my book The Rumble in Humble: Heart Surgery and All That Jazz is all about. You’ll learn about the bridges between different schools of thought in medical care, so that our patients win by getting the best possible combination of treatment that they need.

The more your doctors talk with each other, the more complete can be the planning for your care. The more your doctors talk with you, the more you can become a true participant in your own care. Have you really found out all the facts that you need to know? Did your doctor explain to you all of your treatment options – or make all the choices for you? Now is the time for you to start taking a more active role in making your own choices ….. for living.

Simply download the full text of this book HERE! And as a PREMIUM BONUS, download “Chelation Therapy History”–a unique slide show just for you. And as ANOTHER PREMIUM BONUS, download unique LECTURE NOTES from the slide show.Remember that you are free to print copies to share with family and friends, but any commercial use or distribution is expressly prohibited by the copyright owner.

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