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One of the most frustrating situations for me is to be able to help – usually dramatically – almost every person who comes to see us for distressing problems that haven’t gotten better despite all other treatments.

WHY is THAT frustrating???

Because those folks who come in are the ONLY ones we’re treating.  Those who DON’T come in usually continue to suffer and to watch their health fail, to feel their vitality drifting away.

THAT’S frustrating to us, because we often COULD make such wonderful improvements in their feelings of health and wellbeing.   BUT they are not HERE.

Oh, sure, we’ve heard all the reasons …..

If only insurance would pay for it …..
There’s no way I could afford it …..
I don’t like taking any pills ……
I’m afraid of needles …..
Humble is so far away …..
I’ve found a doctor close by who says he/she can treat me …..

THOSE folks just don’t know what they’re missing …..

An incredible staff who can “coach” anyone through anything …..

Literally tons of educational materials so you can understand and do!

A doctor who’s so full of himself, partly because of almost 3 dozen years of training and treatments, but also because he has enjoyed international recognition from his colleagues around the world ….. And BEST OF ALL – TREATMENT PROGRAMS THAT WORK!

So here’s where YOU can help to save a life – either “literally” OR at least save someone from suffering and distress for years to come:

Offer a personal invitation for your friend or family member to call for a “FREE SCREENING VISIT” – we’ve set aside a few office visit times to sit with them for a few minutes, hopefully to reassure them that we can meet their needs and help with their problems.

If YOU tell them about this opportunity, their SCREENING VISIT is FREE, through the end of May. (But they have to tell US that YOU told them.) If they don’t know about this free opportunity, then they’ll be starting here (if at all) the same way YOU did – all the forms, the time, and (yes) the investment to pay for services.  So here’s YOUR opportunity to let them know that there really IS a doctor who might make spectacular changes in their life.



The first National Institutes of Health report on the successful chelation study for heart disease has been published – yes, chelation DOES reduce the frequency of heart attacks and death following the first heart attack.  So why wait to have your first.  (Almost half the folks DIE during or just after their first heart attack – no chance to even try chelation!)

You’ve seen the ads to sue for complications of vaginal MESH surgery.  But why even have the surgery when you could try our NeuroCare program, with about a 90% success rate on taking care of urinary stress incontinence ….. a frustrating and frequent problem as women who’ve had children get into their older years.

Persistent pains plaguing you?   So why not try our Magnetic Massage?  Or the NP injections?   Or the RT/Prolotherapy injections?  Or even the NeuroCare program?  Can you believe that many folks will just keep suffering rather than even THINKING about something that might relieve their suffering.

What’s kind of funny about treatment for The Yeast Syndrome ….. turns out that “experts” are popping up all over town, having been to a weekend seminar on “alternative” treatments, and they boast about their 4-week treatment for yeast!   After that, when you continue to have problems, they can spend the rest of your money and your comfort “trying to figure out what else is wrong, since we’ve ‘already treated the yeast.'”   Only ONE doctor in town has an effective but “lengthy” treatment for The Yeast Syndrome ….. the one who wrote the book in 1986!   Maybe experience and expertise IS worth the effort, time, and expense – after all, the most expensive treatment is the one that DOESN’T make you better!

Dr. T’s newest article for The Townsend Letter journal is coming out in their May edition – Chelation Therapy:   The NEXT Sixty Years.   This one is dyn-0-mite for health professionals, so we’re working on a “real-people” conversion, so you’ll be able to see how MANY degenerative problems get better with Chelation – look for it soon!


To the several dozen patients who took us up on our February invitation to become “Frequent Flyers” and are earning outstanding discounts on their second and third IVs or RT treatments each month – and getting GREAT results to boot!


Have you been missing out on learning how we help HEAL so many problems for which most people simply keep seeing the doc, taking the meds, having the operations?   Our LifeForce enewsletter helps to share these stories for you ….. AND we have over 50 hours of free CDs/DVDs to share with your family and friends, let alone our many books and brochures.   CALL TODAY to share the gift of better health now and throughout the year: DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN.

We’re really proud of our unique website – — and our periodical LifeForce enewsletter.   Share this valuable information with your family and friends.

HOW to “sign up” for the LifeForce enewsletter:   Have your friend send us an email to [email protected], requesting that we “subscribe” them to our newsletter list … and have them include your name as having invited them.

To read what Dr. T has to say about chelation:  DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN to ask for us to send you a free copy of his earlier article (“Personal Pollution“) from The Townsend Letter, to ask for a free copy of 4 books on a data-CD (easy to read in your computer) , to ask for a free copy of our “Heart and Arteries” brochure.

Super-Bugs and increasing failures of antibiotics are alarming … making THE YEAST SYNDROME is one of the most overlooked (thus, untreated) infections – one in three people are walking around (around YOU!), suffering with problems that could be made dramatically better.  Isn’t it time for them to feel better ….. maybe even YOU, too?   Call for our free DVD and CDs ….. and buy your copy of Dr. T’s Bantam Books bestseller on,, at fine booksellers and health food stores … or in our office.

Our LifeForce enewsletter, announces latest treatment additions at Life Celebrating Health.  This past year, we’ve announced more enhancements than ever before … and, sadly, many of our patients and their friends remain “in the dark” about what can be done to help them finally feel better.  Now.  And for future years.

Did you miss our feature DVD, mercuryundercover, where Dr. T and half-dozen other experts in dentistry and toxicology reveal the serious dangers of suffering with mercury toxicity without ever realizing it?  Check out – or call our office to buy a copy of the DVD to share with friends.  Coming soon:   Do you know that Dr. T is the past president of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine?   Their annual meeting will be held here in Houston this coming fall.

Want to see several brief segments on Dr. T’s friend’s TV show, Doug Kaufmann’s “Know the Cause,” talking about The Yeast Syndrome and other chronic illnesses.  His popular show is available on Dish and DirecTV as well as various cable channels: to check for your cable provider.

As a 34 year pioneer in integrative/longevity/alternative medicine, Dr. T has achieved the enviable position of being recognized as leader in designing innovative treatments to solve disease problems that have frustrated patients (and their physicians) for dozens of years.

Invite your friends to visit our incredibly informative redesigned website,  (because if you don’t KNOW you have choices NOW, then you DON’T have ANY!)

Invite your friends to call for any of our several books or 50 hours of DVDs and CDs that entertain as well as inform, on topics they need to know about.  Rheumatoid arthritis?  We have that.  Hormone Replacement Therapy?  Got that.  Sleep apnea/snoring?  Yep.   Heart disease?   Of course.   Thyroid and fatigue?   Sure.   The list goes on and on and on.   Ask your other doctors for their CDs and DVDs and books, so you can compare their ideas to ours.   Give us a call: DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN

The only problem right now is learning about what you can do – today – to avoid problems tomorrow.

What We Do WORKS!

Each One … Reach One … it matters to their future!

An update to share this month … Many of you have asked about Dr. T’s father, Lt. Colonel Jack Trowbridge, USAF (Ret.), who turned 95 this past October. He fell during his Christmas visit from California and had successful plastic surgery. He’s now been in the hospital or rehab for 16 weeks! He’s slowly better and definitely looking forward to getting out and getting on with his life.  Your prayers are appreciated.

John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM, has spent 34 years learning and teaching integrative medicine techniques around the country and around the world.  Recognized in over 5 dozen volumes of Who’s Who for his innovative treatment programs, he is best known for his Bantam Books’ best-seller, The Yeast Syndrome.  Dr. T gets involved:  he has served as chairman of the board, president, or director of several major professional associations over the past 40 years.  His “specialist status” is clearly acknowledged in Chelation Therapy (heart and circulation problems, toxic metal exposures) and Reconstructive Therapy (neck-back-joint arthritis/sports injuries).  At Life Celebrating Health in Humble, Dr. Trowbridge offers advanced treatments for most medical and nutritional problems.  (Yes, he has a master’s degree in nutrition – everything he does is serious science.)  Are you ready to get out of your pain and on with your life?

Arrange for Dr. Trowbridge to come speak to your church or social group – just DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN and talk to Brittany or Cathy.


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