Dr. T appearing AGAIN on Houston Life KPRC Channel 2 leading program for “what’s happening” in our metro area!
Mark your calendar:
Monday - February 5th - 1:00 pm
Share with your friends exactly why and how CHELATION THERAPY saves lives and brings greater vitality and enthusiasm!
** Introducing Dr. T’s forthcoming book **
Second Chance
for those who survived their first heart attack
and those who want to
Invite your family and friends to an exclusive public education seminar Saturday - February 24th - 10 am til 12 noon
Courtyard Marriott Kingwood
½ mile north of Kingwood Drive on
northbound feeder of US 59/I-69
Information and reservations:  DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN
Surprising new information to save your life:
“HEARTBROKEN: Top 5 Reasons To
Doubt Your Heart Doctor"
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) caution that the FLU SEASON is in full swing! More people will suffer for days or weeks. Our patients sometimes forget... that we have excellent approaches TO HELP YOU FEEL BETTER, QUICKER!
Get your appointment, get your results based on our many years of success: DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN
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