Deep Blood Fungus: Dental and Other Connections to Devastating Illnesses

The following lecture was presented by John Parks Trowbridge, MD at the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine.

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  • One thought on “Deep Blood Fungus: Dental and Other Connections to Devastating Illnesses”

    1. Looks like Dr. T is again the star of fungal detective work in our modern synthetic food system and synthetic drug care! Gets to the bottom again of organicity killing of the body as it just starts to shut down in an 12 alarmed-arch reaction, like a max immune system inversion?

      Possible over exposure to all sources of anti-biotics and their derangement of the gut’s biosphere!
      Add in the fact that breakdown must mean a disarming of the gut’s Microbes to manufacture a variety of hormone precursors through B-complex fractioning! Looks like a fungal (gut crab grass) invasion involved in some insulin diabetics’ development of gastropareisis! Very bad near the shut down of gut life! Nancy. Medical Social Worker, 30 years of Pt. Care Chart Auditing

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