I Propose An End Pain Month Instead Of Pain Awareness Month

September is the month that has been designated by the American Chronic Pain Association as Pain Awareness Month. I just don’t understand why this is necessary. People who live with pain are already aware of their pain. They go from one doctor to another, one specialist to another on the mainstream medical merry-go-round. But no one tells them how to “end” their pain. The specialists and medical teams tell them how to “manage” their pain. The people who are living in pain would really like to put an end to it, but they are so convinced that the next “specialist” the next medical genius is going to end it for them. But they are wrong.


Mainstream medical professionals do not believe in the inherent healing capacity of the miraculous human body. For some reason, these people believe they know better than the Creative Force that formed these human bodies. Instead of working with the inherent healing capacity of the body and returning it to its healthy homeostatic condition, they tinker with it, cut into it and pump it full of addictive pain “relievers.” Hence the name “Pain Management Clinic” rather than (as mine) a “Pain Relief Clinic.”


We Can End Chronic Pain


Instead of continually focusing on your pain, how about taking a new approach and making an appointment with an integrative doctor who works with the body’s amazing healing capacity? How about making a commitment to yourself to end your pain instead of “managing” it? I have been helping patients end their suffering for more than 40 years. These are the people who end up at my door after years of going round and round with the mainstream medical professionals. You already know how to ‘live with your pain’ – you want to live without it!


I Propose A “Let’s End Pain Month”


If you think that the miraculous human body is incapable of healing itself when given the correct conditions and care, then you are committed to living in pain. If, however, you do believe in the miraculous healing abilities of the body and you are committed to putting an end to your pain, often together we can do it! You must understand though that there are no magic pills involved. There are no surgeries. Time is an important aspect to healing and following directions that are not going to be familiar to you. You must get over the idea that there is some special pill that is going to put an end to your pain. You must get over the idea that there is one more specialist that focusses on the specific area of the body where you are experiencing pain who will pinpoint it and eliminate it. It’s not going to happen.


The Whole Body


Whether your pain is caused by an accident or sports injury or fall or from years of unhealthy living that has turned into a diseased condition, the body tries to kick into healing mode. But it does need your cooperation or at least the cooperation of someone who knows how to work with the whole body as an integrated system. You cannot simply focus on one part of the body and think “that’s it!” I acknowledge that there are some people whose health has deteriorated beyond repair. These are people with advanced diseases who have no real life outside of their sick beds. But for millions of others, there is hope and help if you are ready to turn your awareness to healing instead of the pain.


If you’re ready to dedicate the rest of your life to putting an end to your pain and living more joyfully than ever, give me a call. Let’s put our attention on the positive objective of getting you out of pain and in love with life again.