The A, B, C’s Of How We Become Sick With The Yeast Syndrome

The Yeast Syndrome is the archetypal example of how our modern medical approach has succumbed to the Law of Unintended Consequences. Our almost blind reliance in adopting the claims of “scientific advances” has led us down the path where convenient choices have produced complications both unintended and unforeseen, apart from the desired advantages.

Environmental conditions have set the stage for the overgrowth of yeast, almost unhampered by natural defenses that have protected human beings for millennia. Remember: yeast is not the problem…our compromised immune system allows us to be inundated by toxins that progressively damage our physiology, nutritional status, and endocrine functions…and we succumb in ways never seen before.

Bacteria, Microbes and Yeasts

Back in the late 1800’s, scientists Pasteur, Bernard, and Béchamp, blessed us with new understandings about microbes. Over 100 years later, Alabama internist Orian Truss, MD, from 1978 through the 1984 publication of his book, The Missing Diagnosis, gave us deeper insights into the physiologic interruptions possible when yeast toxins are elaborated from pathologic growth in our gut, our lungs, our sinuses, creating and worsening unsuspected damage to all organs.

The Key Factors of How We Become “Sick” With Yeast Overgrowth

A = antibiotics, widely used, often abused – and since microbiome replenishment is ignored, this leads to reduction of “good” bacteria that could help control and reduce yeast growth
B = birth control pills – widely uses, hormonal disruption favoring yeast growth
C = cortisone – in all its flavors – widely used, even over the counter for topical – always favoring yeast growth
D = deplorable diet –sugars and starches favor yeast growth and nutritional deficiencies impair immune defenses and other systems
E = environmental toxins – we’re engulfed in more of them every year
F = full of stress lifestyles – surging of stress hormones alerts yeast to an organism facing challenges, ideal for yeast exploitation
G = genetic predispositions – some people more readily surrender to attack
H = health habits adverse to recovery and repair: reduced sleep, on-the-go hurry hurry, and so much more (20% of America’s meals are eaten in the car!)

We human beings can withstand many challenges when healthier and “all systems are GO”; but when circumstances alter the situation, the ever-present yeast (especially C. albicans) are aroused to grow more readily. Each “event” encourages yeast to flourish more, and finally body systems are unable to meet the threat as debilitating yeast metabolites and toxins (Canditoxins) flood your cells and organs. Sounds crazy…but medical studies published over the last 50 years show an alarming disaster happening.

Wouldn’t You Love To Celebrate Your Own Health Again

If you have been making the rounds on the medical-merry-go-round without any definitive diagnosis or without feeling better, give my office a call. Since first learning of the disastrous effects of yeast overgrowth in 1983, I have gleaned a few fundamental understandings that have been uniformly effective in helping to restore and maintain better health for people suffering from varied discomforts and disorders. Even where The Yeast Syndrome is not the definitive problem, in many chronic conditions its imprints are often there. Failure to address yeast overgrowth as well will generally limit the results available when treating other pathologies. You could be suffering from one or more of the many effects of the Yeast Syndrome and never have anyone notice that could be a root cause of your suffering. Give my office a call and let’s get you feeling better. Let’s get you in a position where you can celebrate health once again!