Super 40th Anniversary Savings Celebration!

Dr. T started his 40th year of practice on November 23rd, 2017.

YOU could enjoy savings of
*** even $4000 ***
through 2018 … and it’s so simple!

You might have benefited already with our spectacular pre-pay program giving you credits up to 20% no limits!

THAT program has a wonderful December addition:

For every $1123 (get it 11-23 = November 23rd) that you deposit as a pre-payment THIS MONTH (December 2017) …

We will mail you a SuperSavings Certificate worth $40

Here’s the FUN STUFF: For every day that we are open during 2018, you can present THAT $40 Certificate for ANY service or supplements.


SIMPLE! Just present THAT $40 Certificate when you pre-pay another $1123 or more… and we’ll mail you ANOTHER SuperSavings Certificate worth $40!
(Yep, you “spend” one and “get” one – WOW!)

Answers to your questions on the other side – there’s even more! Here’s how you can receive HUNDREDS of dollars in SuperSavings Certificates through 2018…

EACH month (or anytime that you want!) you could present one of your $40 SuperSavings Certificate when you pre-pay another $1123 into your account … AND EACH time (no limit) we will mail you ANOTHER $40 SuperSavings Certificate
so …..

(Quick math lesson: you could get savings over $500 in 2018!)

What if you want to save more than $40 any time?

Simple again! Whenever in 2018 you present one or more of your $40 SuperSavings Certificates at the time that
you make any pre-payments in multiples of $1123, then we will mail you ONE $40 SuperSavings Certificate
when you present ONE for each $1123 pre-pay – so …

$1123 plus ONE $40 Certificate >>> gets you ONE more
$2246 plus TWO $40 Certificate >>> gets you TWO more
$3369 plus THREE $40 Certificates >>> gets you THREE more…and so on, no limit!

At any time, you can “cash in” any $40 Certificates when you are in the office for services or supplements or pre-payments.
(But for EACH pre-pay of $1123 plus ONE Certificate, you get ANOTHER!)

Your $40 SuperSavings Certificates can be “cashed in” anytime starting January 2nd

We want you to celebrate our 40th Anniversary WITH us all year – so ….. the ONLY time you can start earning with your
SuperSavings Celebration is by making a pre-payment of $1123 (or more) by December 21st

Call us (1-800-FIX-PAIN), come by, or mail your check NOW – HURRY, the clock is ticking!
<< Only those patients who make pre-pays of $1123 this month will get these savings >>