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We can’t hold our breath another minute!

We had to share this startling video with you “hot off the press”!

Many of our patients have been evaluated for “toxic heavy metals” as a root cause – or a reason for marked worsening – of their deteriorating health. We have several DVDs devoted to this fundamental cause of many diseases … and certainly always resulting in the inflammation that leads to thousands more infirmities plaguing our daily lives.

Making all this “make sense” in our hurried world is a real task. All too often, we expect to “go to the doctor, get a pill, get better.” With toxic heavy metals – lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, tin, others – recovery is much, much more complicated … but we work to make it easier for you.

Finally, here’s a documentary that will rock your world!

The final film edits are being performed as you read this, and the show will be ready for distribution this fall. We’re planning to have DVDs for sale later.

Til then, click to see this shocking two-minute You Tube “trailer”:

Invite your friends and family to visit for more pre-released details and information.

In fact, forward this enewsletter to EVERYONE you know – they’ve almost all had mercury fillings! Many are “still wearing them” right now. If you’ve had your fillings replaced over time ….. ask yourself just where that mercury went as it was vaporizing from those fillings day after day, year after year. THAT’S why “silver” fillings “break down” over time!

If you haven’t seen them – or if you want extra copies to share with friends – call our office for our DVDs. Just DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN …

  • INFLAMMATION: The Cause of All Diseases
  • SLIPPING ON THE BANANA PEEL: Chelation Helps Heart Disease
  • LEAD AND MERCURY: Toxic Metals and Human Disease

You’ll get far more information – also FREE – from our 4 books on CD disk especially the entertaining chapters (honest!) from our newest book: LIFE LONG HEALTH: Living Well Past 50 -Despite Degenerative Diseases

And remember we have a dozen CD radio programs – featuring patient interviews, expert commentary, and Dr. T’s perspectives – dealing with toxic heavy metals and chelation therapy. DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN to ask for copies of all them. We’re happy to share them so that everyone can understand his or her health choices now.

After all, if you don’t know that you have choices for better health now … then you don’t have any!

To schedule your personal consultation and start treatments ….. DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN or fax us at 1-281-540-4329
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