Be a Hero! Save the Life of One of Your Family or Friends!

Dr. Trowbridge’s Best-Selling book The Yeast Syndrome has rescued millions around the world from discomforts and even diseases that steal the vitality of their life.

Now his forthcoming book Sick and Tired? will update you on the latest advances in regaining your health when all your tests and doctors have failed to understand, diagnose, and treat your yeast-related problems.

Sneak Peek:

Stunning new discoveries Dr. T has made treating people with unexplained/puzzling illnesses: cancers, immune disorders (RA, lupus, vague immune imbalances), MS, ALS, pestering skin conditions, sudden kidney failure, worsening diabetes, the list goes on and on—and our successes are startling!

Saturday, October 14 10 am–12 noon

Courtyard Marriott Kingwood

½ – mile north of Kingwood Drive on northbound feeder for US 59/I-69, just 5 miles north of Humble


Reservations preferred, special bonus for attendees.

Questions? Call to talk with Cathy or Michelle

John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM

Life Celebrating Health

9816 Memorial Blvd #205


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