A Disease With Many Masks

If you’ve been on the medical merry-go-round seeking comfort and a true diagnosis for whatever ails you, you may have been given a list of “diseases” and a variety of drugs and perhaps you’ve even gone under “the knife” to relieve your pain. And you still feel wretched. This is the condition in which many people finally arrive in my office.

My objective is to get to the root of your discomforts – literally to know the cause – and tell you what’s really going on in your body. Very often the source of years of pain and suffering for so many is The Yeast Syndrome.

The Yeast Syndrome Explained

When many people hear The Yeast Syndrome, they automatically think “yeast infection.” But that is incorrect. A “syndrome” is a collection of signs (obvious changes) and (symptoms) discomforts that can be found together related to a common cause. For most people, the common yeast in the gut has taken over silently and secretly growing out of control due to antibiotics, cortisone and other hormones, dietary excesses of sugars and starches, unknown nutritional deficiencies, even unexpected toxic exposures to chemicals or heavy metals. As yeast colonize your colon and blossom more and more out of control, they leak out various toxins that your body absorbs along with water and minerals. These poisons (Candi-toxins) target vital biochemical reactions inside your cells, gradually stealing your health and comfort. The nutritional support program you need for recovery from The Yeast Syndrome is based on repairing and restoring these damaged functions in organs throughout your body, from brain to bottom and on down.

Unmasking Some Symptoms And Diseases The Yeast Syndrome Is Behind

The Yeast Syndrome affects the whole body, even though the microorganisms primarily reside in the gut. As I explained earlier, the yeast toxins (and even the yeasts themselves) leak out of the colon. So, here are some of the things people suffer with as a result. Let’s start with one the most basic discomforts, a pattern of diarrhea and constipation, otherwise known as “irritable bowel syndrome.” Other discomforts include rashes, frequent sore throats, ear or sinus infections, memory changes, fatigue, brain fog, and more. Left untreated, The Yeast Syndrome can lead to heart disease and even cancer because the biochemical reactions are being affected on a cellular level.

The Yeast Syndrome is, like some diseases in past centuries, able to masquerade as any number of diseases and disorders. For instance, TB is able to mimic disorders in virtually any organ system, and syphilis was called “The Great Pretender” because its symptoms can look like many other diseases. This is why The Yeast Syndrome is like a disease wearing many masks and the underlying cause is very often missed by conventional doctors.

Your Doctor Has To Know How To Unmask The Yeast Syndrome

You haven’t heard about The Yeast Syndrome from the many specialists you’ve seen because they either don’t believe the syndrome exists or they wouldn’t know how to unmask it. There is no one test that is going to tell you that you’re suffering from The Yeast Syndrome. And many mainstream doctors seem to want an easy way to spend as little time with “patients” as possible. This is why you must eventually make your way to an Integrative Physician who will take the necessary time to review your history, to listen to your discomforts. Being thorough takes time. And, healing the body from the ravaging effects of The Yeast Syndrome takes time, patience and diligence in following instructions.

If you’re ready to find out what’s really causing your pain and suffering, we are waiting for you. Give us a call today and let’s find out what’s causing your discomfort, whether it’s The Yeast Syndrome or something else. I will make every effort to find it.