What could provide blessed relief for congestive heart failure?

You’re worried.  We’ve got that.  You’ve probably been fearful for years.  We’ve got that too.  You’ve seen doctors and specialists and maybe even voo-doo practitioners in your search for easy answers.  We’ve got that too.  You’ve tried every diet or exercise that you thought might help.  We’ve got that too.  You’re taking the drugs and maybe even facing recommendations for heart surgery.  We’ve got that too.

Let’s unravel the mystery, so you could finally feel better rather than simply taking more drugs for congestive heart failure, shutting yourself in your home, and possibly closing in heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, gangrene, and even one or more operations.

How would you know if the treatment you get is the treatment you need?  After all, the doctor simply said “You need to start taking this medication for your heart (or your chest pains) (or your shortness of breath, whatever).”  Incidentally, “congestive” heart failure simply means that the pumping your heart is doing to your body organs isn’t quite keeping up with blood returning to your heart.  Your lungs and liver can become congested, your legs can swell, your muscles can ache, your breathing can become more difficult, your pulse can be pounding or irregular.

You’ve already started onto heart or blood pressure medications.  With the drugs, there’s a situation where you can “start chasing your tail,” requiring higher and higher dosages or the addition of more drugs, just to achieve the same result.  That sounds like slipping backwards, faster and faster.  Some patients are on half-a-dozen or more “heart” drugs and still troubled with congestive heart failure symptoms and distress.

None of these approaches actually “treat” your congestive heart failure – they are simply “bandaids” needed continuously or repeatedly, trying to cover the dysfunctions happening inside your heart muscle cells.  Many people never realize that other simple options … which might help you actually reduce the rate at which your condition worsens … and even could increase your activity and enhance your comfort … are readily available, here and now.

Here’s a scary fact: 

Some people dealing with blood pressure, blood sugar, congestive heart failure, and even dietary issues but don’t realize the key factors making their condition worse or what steps they could take to make a difference.  Care that makes you truly better requires special expertise in the science of metabolism and nutrition.  Sounds so simple … so why have doctors missed it?  Those who don’t have a strong basic science background and special training in dealing with metabolic processes can fail to see their way through to help you.  The reasons you can have distressing congestive heart failure are many … but diagnosis and treatment to help reduce your need for drugs can be simpler than you think!

Could there be anything better than what you’ve been told?  The answer is a simple “yes”:  there are several treatments that might be better for you.

Checklist you must consider:

  • detoxification of offending chemicals and toxic metals
  • gentle metabolic stimulation for healing and repair
  • treatment for undiscovered deficiencies

Let us help you through the confusing maze of congestive heart failure diagnosis and treatments to select what is best to produce the result you want, so you can do what you want to do!  Already been to surgery?  Definitely call to review your options.

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I’d love for my staff and me at Life Celebrating Health to help you have better health to celebrate every day, starting right away!

John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM


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