Could “Deep Blood Fungus” Be Killing You Slowly?


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Lewis and Clarke blazed a trail from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean, opening new vistas for the westward migration of hundreds of thousands of “settlers” eager for a new start in life.  Survival in these challenging environments was always at risk from what was later known to be infections.

Pasteur later described that “germs” caused these diseases, giving us a hint on how to reduce the resulting death and despair.  Fleming discovered penicillin then Domagk discovered sulfa, the first antibiotic drugs to kill bacteria inside the body.

Pasteur showed that fermentation (making of wine or beer) depended on yeast.  A whole class of organisms different from the plant and animal kingdoms are fungi, which have been known forever and constitute the third kingdom of life.

Fungi include mold, mildew, yeast, and fungus.  They survive by “eating” the other two kingdoms, plants and animals.

So what’s new and exciting?  We’re now forging forward daily, sometimes stumbling but committed to blazing an unexplored trail that is providing unexpected clues for diagnosis and treatment of many (maybe most?) unexplained, puzzling illnesses that cause untold suffering and death in our modern world …


Since the fall of 2015, we’ve been able to positively identify specific fungi found in the blood of patients suffering with a wide range of “inexplicable” diseases, such as:

  • Various cancers, blood cancers, severe skin conditions, sudden kidney failure, sudden worsening of diabetes, MS (multiple sclerosis), ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), RA (rheumatoid arthritis), SLE (lupus), vague immune defense system disorders, and others. 
  • The laboratory performing our tests has confirmed fungus evidence in the plaque blocking heart arteries (our leading cause of death) and in other body organs.

These last 2 years have been the most exciting in my medical career.  I spent the first many years learning to ask better questions and gaining phenomenal skills in diagnosing and treating many common disorders.

Truss described modern illness with yeast in 1978; Crook popularized that with his book in 1983.  They are both gone now, but I have stood on the shoulders of those giants.  In 34 years of treating The Yeast Syndrome (Bantam Books best-seller, 1986), my book has helped millions around the world to recover better health and delightful vitality.  I designed the first program to control “die-off” discomforts when starting treatment, and I have been blessed to discover efficient and successful treatments for people suffering with so many frustrating ailments, so they can recover from the pain of being sick and tired and get on with their life!

Every man or woman can suffer from completely different symptoms with The Yeast Syndrome.  Like a pelican scooping up fish into his bill, people gather their own “personal” clusters of symptoms over the years and watch their health and happiness fade away as they visit “organ-doctors” (one or more for each problem area) who are clueless that an “innocent” yeast is poisoning their systems from the inside.

But more ominous diseases are actually killing us …..  We are thrilled to offer our patients the prospect of recovery from – or at least control of – debilitating diseases where modern medicine has struggled to find drugs or surgery to help, in the face of no clear cause for these problems.  Cancers, of course, figure prominently in our later years, as do heart and blood vessel diseases, stroke, and dementia.

Is it possible … that fungus infection deep inside your body could be the cause of – or at least could be contributing to – your suffering and declining health?

In many ways, we’re having to rewrite the textbooks.  We were taught that infection in your blood stream equals sepsis and you will die from septicemia.  But that’s exactly where we’re finding what I have now titled “deep blood fungus.”  These microbes survive inside a gummy layer called a biofilm, which shields them from our immune defense system … and probably reduces penetration of our drug treatments as well.  You won’t find much on “Dr. Google,” since we’re actually writing the first real medical papers on how to “find and fix” deadly and devastating problems from deep blood fungus.  And, yes, we’re surprisingly successful sometimes.

ARE YOU A CANDIDATE FOR OUR CARE?  If you have pestering illness problems and you’re sick and tired of not having answers that work … if you see the ads on TV for all the new drugs that are supposed to help these unexplained diseases … if you fear that you’re losing despite the best of doctoring, give us a call.

A SHORT LEASH!  If you’re accepted for care here, we become partners:  you do your part, we do our part.  We expect – even demand – that our patients take an active role … after all, it’s YOUR health!  We don’t see patients often, so we expect for you to keep us informed of your condition and concerns.  That way, we can “fiddle” with your program between office visits.  News Flash:  We’ve developed and are refining a unique algorithm (a protocol of specific steps) to help define the best treatment combinations for our patients.  Like Lewis and Clarke, we’re hacking our way through thicket and forest and paddling upstream, trying to find “the way” to the West.  (I started graduate studies in immunology in 1968, so I have a slight headstart.)

HUSH! We don’t want to hear complaints about fees and services, costs of prescribed medications, numbers of pills we need you take, whatever your insurance doesn’t cover, and so on.  Why not?  We know all these things already!  None of these “discussions” help us help you recover any better or any faster when our focus is on discovering causes and safer, more effective treatments for your illnesses that other doctors have never seen before.

Early on, we’ll be doing more tests, reviewing more records, and working with you to figure out the best personalized program for you.  Are you over 60?  Have you suffered more than 10 years?  Is your disease more ominous or recently worsening?  Have you seen many doctors without help or are you concerned that you problems are more complex?  In each of these situations, we will book you for longer appointments which, of course, means higher fees due to more skill and expertise needed.  Also, if you come from more than 100 miles away, again we will book you for longer appointments so that we better meet your needs.  Remember:  We wish you WELL!

SPEAK UP!  We want to hear your concerns and successes, to help personalize your treatments.  Sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride … hopefully to much better health!  One last thing – please share with your family and friends that something really new, really different, really exciting might hold the prospect for them to feel better too:  deep blood fungus is an equal opportunity destroyer!  Coming in October our new book:  Sick and Tired? … and coming in early 2018 … Beyond Cancer:  Jump Outside the Box.

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