Don’t Fall For All The Sweet Feasting – You’ll Be Feeding The Yeast

We are heading full steam ahead into the fall season which means holidays, starting with candy-coma-induced Halloween. Then comes Thanksgiving with its pumpkin and pecan pies, followed by the humdinger of all celebrations, Christmas. All this after you’ve probably had more ice cream than usual this summer due to the record-breaking heat.

At some point your body is going to rebel if it hasn’t already. The mysterious aches and pains that go undiagnosed by your traditional doctor often turn out to be symptoms of The Yeast Syndrome.

You see, C. albicans is a yeast that naturally lives in the body, primarily in our intestines and mouths. Other gut microorganisms help us digest and absorb nutrition. However, certain factors like the over-consumption of sugars and carbs, may lead to overgrowth of yeast, which do not appear to be helpful. Also, the overconsumption of alcohol, which is basically sugar, carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, pasta, and cereals also feed the yeast.

For some people, there is an endless stream of food and the yeast has an endless feast. This is how the yeast basically takes over wreaking havoc inside the body. It goes wild and produces toxins by which it chokes off the natural flow of health, causing or worsening a variety of conditions. You may experience skin issues in the form of infections or rashes, vaginal or rectal infections, mood swings, depression, digestive issues, nail infections, and/or exhaustion. And THAT is just a short list of all the human discomforts, distresses, and ailments that I documented from the medical literature in my 1986 Bantam bestseller, The Yeast Syndrome.

You don’t have to fall for all the suffering associated with the feasting. With specific help to make it much easier, you could learn to exercise some control by finding out the root of the aches and pains you’ve been suffering from without relief for too long. Give my office a call. We’ll get to the real source of your suffering, and you’ll learn how to rise to every occasion for celebration in a way that celebrates your health. You could go on for another few years, hoping to find a doctor to help with your many problems, but why? Contact us today – your joyful, comfortable, and more capable future is just around the corner.