For Everyone Living In Pain

Far too many people in this country are living with chronic pain. If you are one of these people, my heart goes out to you. If you are one of these people, you are probably still searching for a way out of the pain. If this describes you, please read on.

I’m sharing some information I just came across on the site of Dr. Joseph Mercola, a respected osteopathic physician and a pioneer in the field of natural health. Dr. Mercola interviewed an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. David Hanscom, who recently survived COVID-19 which inspired him to turn his attention to helping others prevent getting the virus and helping those who do get it survive it.


Pain As A Symptom Of Stress And Anxiety

What struck me in the article wasn’t the specific information about COVID-19. It was the information he provided about pain in general. Dr. Hanscom posits that, “Pain is largely a symptom of stress and anxiety, which in turn are predicated on inflammation more so than psychological factors.” The italics are mine. This is what I find absolutely fascinating.

Anyone living in chronic pain is in a chronic state of stress and anxiety. It’s a never-ending loop of misery. Anxiety is a physiological response to a threat that increases your inflammatory cytokine levels. If your body’s inflamed, you’re going to feel anxious. And if you feel anxious that keeps the pain going.


You Must Feel Safe To Stop The Pain 

The pain cannot be stopped until the anxiety stops. And you cannot stop the anxiety unless you feel “safe.” Yes, as Dr. Hanscom points out, “You have to feel safe. When you feel safe, there’s a profound shift in your body’s chemistry. You’re going from adrenalin, cortisol, histamines and inflammatory cytokines to growth hormone, dopamine, serotonin and GABA — all these incredible hormones and anti-inflammatory . So, there’s a profound shift in the body’s chemistry, and people’s pain disappears. They don’t just manage the pain. The pain disappears.”


Why My Patients Feel Better “Almost Immediately”

 I couldn’t have said it more clearly myself. This is why my patients begin to feel better” almost immediately.” For the first time in their search for solutions to their pain, when they come to me, I provide information and natural procedures – not surgery, not prescriptions for pain pills – actual natural procedures that make sense and make my patients feel safe, sometimes for the first time since they started living in pain.

Anxiety is a physiological response to a threat that increases your inflammatory cytokine levels. If your body’s inflamed, you’re going to feel anxious.


Work With The Body’s Miraculous Healing Abilities

Those of us outside of the mainstream medical industry have known that with diet, exercise and other interventions that work naturally with the body’s own miraculous healing abilities, you can radically reduce your risk of getting almost any disease. You strengthen the immune function through stress and anxiety reduction.

If you’re ready to finally get rid of the anxiety and pain you’ve been living with, give my office a call and let’s get started on getting you feeling better.

You can read the entire article I’ve referenced by clicking on the following link.