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Critical Issues To Save Your Heart Now

  • Alternatives to heart surgery

  • Why chelation therapy is more beneficial

  • Heart problem statistics

  • Details about the Chelation Therapy

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.17.25 AMSpeaking Frankly with Patients About Yeast Syndrome

  • How important the eating program is in treating the Yeast Syndrome?

  • Why does the program start with your eating habits?

  • What if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle?

  • Details about the Yeast Syndrome

The Healing Powers of Chelation Therapy

  • What is Chelation Therapy?

  • How does it affect my health?

  • What does IV Chelation Therapy mean?

  • Details about Chelation Therapy

Do What You Want To Do…

  • The importance of pain relief

  • How common is joint pain?

  • What can you do to alleviate the pain?

  • How come millions of people continue to suffer?

Living Well Past 50

  • How can you live well past 50?

  • Want more energy?

  • Maintaining a better blood flow

  • How easy safe and comfortable treatments can be for your health

The Rumble in Humble

  • Drugs aren’t the solution to everything

  • What are great treatments to living a better?

  • Where do you look to improve your life?

  • What treatments are right for you?

Longer Life And Better Health Are Within Your Reach Right Now


  • What is the high cost of dying?

  • Why modern technology fails us

  • Why most doctors don’t understand health

  • What does your health depend on?

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