Getting Started with Stem Cell Therapy

Are “stem cells” actually that powerful?  Honestly, no.  Not what you wanted to hear – but our other treatments – such as removing toxic metals, boosting your nutritional status, and supporting more normal function of your organs – those are the ones you’re looking for.

So “what’s the buzz” about “stem cells”?  We prefer to call them “regenerative cells,” a better description of what they do:  these unique natural “engines” often help rejuvenate your own repair mechanisms, so you can literally “git along better” in coming months and years.

How to get more information:  DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN to schedule a chat with one of our experienced Treatment Coordinators.  Not only do we invite you to come by in person to ask your questions, we encourage you to bring along your spouse or significant other (maybe even an adult child who wants to see “the very best” for Mom or Dad).  Set an appointment for a special one-on-one in-person discussion on a Monday or maybe during a lunch hour or later afternoon during the week … and we’ll gift you with a special bonus!  Expect to spend just 20 or 30 minutes, whatever time it takes to YOUR questions answered.  Sure, you’ll have some financial questions too – but first we need to see whether you qualify for this incredible service we offer.

When we see that you “qualify,” we’ll offer you an appointment with Dr. Trowbridge.  If you’re interested only in our regenerative cells program, you’ll be selling yourself short.  Our office is one of the leading clinics in the world that helps people restore better health regardless of their problems.  (Dr. T’s accomplishments are listed in over 5 dozen volumes of Who’s Who and he received the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award from one of the main professional organizations.)  But, if that’s all you want to start, then we’ll share with you a “quick intake program,” where you can have your office visit on a Tuesday morning (or even the week before) and – if you qualify! – receive your regenerative cell injection the next Wednesday afternoon.

For your hands-on visit with Dr. T (we’ll make a CD recording, so you have a “refresher course” any time you want), we’ll have you complete just a few pages from our otherwise lengthy New Patient Packet.  We’ll need just a few basic blood tests to be sure you don’t bring along any unexpected surprises, because we want to “stack the deck” for you to have the best results from any of our treatments here.    A short exam will allow Dr. T to answer specific questions that you might have.  The real purpose of this office visit is for Dr. T to be sure you have reasonable expectations for any of our treatments, so that we keep you happy at all times.

Feel free to bring along any interested family members when you see Dr. T or even when you come in for your regenerative cells treatment.  You could plan to spend an extra few minutes talking with our patients who are thrilled to share with you their wonderful experiences with our other treatment programs.  Why not?  After all, you’ve “stumbled into” a true international resource you didn’t realize was available to you – Dr. T has lectured across the country and around to world, teaching other doctors his pioneering methods.

Sadly, much of the information on Dr. Google simply hasn’t kept up with latest scientific advances – but that’s our job!  We’re thrilled to share what makes our programs different.  After all, to “doctor” means to “educate and inform” – we take that responsibility to heart!

Give us a call:  DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN today to schedule your free staff consultation.