Go Ahead And Get Vaccinated? Regardless, You Need To Commit To Getting Healthy

People who know me, that means my family, friends, professional colleagues, and my patients, know that I am into working with the body’s natural healing abilities. I use certain herbs and other natural methods and processes to help stimulate the natural healing that has been dormant for so long due to overmedication and surgeries ad infinitum.

Far too many people have surrendered themselves wholly to the modern medical industry and suffer endlessly and needlessly as a result. And the majority of people are aware of the basic elements of a healthy diet and lifestyle, but they just won’t comply with healthy behavior. Far too many people in our society think of their doctors as god-like beings who have all the answers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With all this being said, I’m going to say one thing about the COVID-19 vaccine. And this will be the only thing I say about it. If your health is in any way compromised as a result of heart disease, lung disease, obesity, diabetes, or any condition that makes you fearful, you need to be taking all reasonable precautions to stay healthier and avoid careless exposures. Should you get the vaccine? Some people say that will alleviate some of the fear, some of the stress that typically adds to disease. However, the new products are absolutely unique, not like earlier “vaccines” that you might have had as a child or adult, and we know very little about their possible short- and long-term side effects. Indeed, reports from the United States and around the world suggest that mild reactions are common…but disastrous ones have occurred unexpectedly.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) reminds physicians of their duty to inform everyone of potential problems from the vaccines…and off their right to decline the injections. Whether you choose to get the vaccine or not, please, please, please begin to explore options that will help you feel better without the use of drugs and/or surgeries.  Explore the miraculous healing capacity of the human body. If there is still life flowing through your veins and you can muster up the courage to step off the mainstream medical path and onto an alternate healing path that honors and works with the body, give yourself the gift of health or at least feeling better than you have in ages.

When you are ready to begin, give my office a call. Health is our greatest gift, our greatest wealth.