Hang In There: The Dog Days Of Summer Are Almost Over

It’s difficult to discuss any other health topic in the face of this summer’s historically hot weather. We are enduring the last week or so of the Dog Days of Summer. According to The Farmer’s Almanac, the dog days of summer are so called because the “dog star”, Sirius the brightest star visible from any part of the earth, rises and sets with the sun, starting around July 3rd and ending on or about August 11th. And while the ancient Greeks once thought the summer heat was due to the additional heat radiated from Sirius, it has since been proven that is not the fact. The heat of summer is simply due to the Earth’s tilt at this time of year. I’m sure everyone is hoping the heat wave will break by the 11th.

Take Extra Precautions

One thing we know for sure, the weather this summer has been dog-gone hot. I’ve heard news reports saying this is one of the hottest summers on record. Anyone with compromised immune systems, heart conditions, as well as the elderly must take greater precautions during these hottest of days. And with kids heading back to school, it’s important they drink plenty of water to prevent heat stroke when they are out during recess or playing sports.

Here in Texas, during the month of June, a sample of 38 weather stations across the state recorded a temperature at or above 100 degrees 250 times — the fifth-greatest monthly total for that month in the past three decades. Austin recorded 25 days above 100 degrees in July. Let’s hope we get even a slight reprieve mid-August.

The Weather Has A Profound Effect On Health

We often forget how much the weather affects our health. It turns out that there are more heat-related deaths than there are deaths from any other weather-related disasters. Yes, even hurricanes. Which brings me to the fact that while we are deep into hurricane season, we have fortunately not had to deal with that kind of storm this summer. The heat is bad enough. Thank you very much.

Please continue to take proper precautions if you must go outside even if it’s just a quick run to the grocery store. Precautions include wearing a wide-brimmed hat, having a container of cool water when you go out, and wearing sunscreen. Of course, if your health is compromised do not go out alone if you don’t have to. Call on a friend or family member to help you. And remember, we live at a time when you can have groceries and meals delivered right to your door.

If you feel like your health could be better and you’re tired of the run around you’ve been getting with the many specialists you’ve been passed around to, give my office a call. I’ve been helping my patients achieve better states of health for almost 45 years – and that’s after they’ve been continually mis-diagnosed by the mainstream medical industry. A visit to my office is worth it even with the heat.

Let’s work together to help you get through the summer and to a place where you can celebrate health … for many more delightful years to come, with your spouse, your friends, your children and grandchildren!