Hurricane Harvey After Effects

What do you NOT know?  What could ruin your health FOREVER?

Most people know about flood water risks:  sweeping across bridges and roads, rising in neighborhoods, chemicals, and critters in the water (snakes, gators, fire ants, spiders, and so on).
The more serious risks arise when water invades your vehicle or your home:  mold growth can start easily and quickly and can extend, unnoticed and unsuspected, over the coming years.  A “sick home environment” threatens your well-being far beyond what
most doctors have ever suspected.  The time to minimize your future suffering is right now.
 FIRST PRIORITY:  Safely assess your home and begin the cleanup —remove debris and mud, remove and dispose of all carpet or other damaged flooring and furniture, carefully protect yourself in the process. Remember that mold can start growing within hours and can flourish in the wet, warm, and wonderful environments of flooded homes.  Sadly, some homes cannot be rescued and our friends and neighbors are faced with the loss of their shelter and all their belongings.  Help them as you will.
SECOND PRIORITY:  Get a mold-remediation specialist to investigate and determine what steps need to be taken to reclaim your home for a future of safe occupancy.  In many cases, DIY (“do-it-yourself”) will not be sufficient to handle all issues, so find out to be sure!
THIRD PRIORITY:  Beyond essential cleanup efforts, STAY OUT of your home until it is safe for you to live there again.  THIS IS CRITICAL. Remember that several fans to dry your areas will be important, especially early on.  “Treating” your flooded home MUST be done RIGHT and QUICKLY.
For useful information on mold and what steps are important, check — lots of quick, easy, points to know.

YOUR VEHICLES:  Carpet, door panels, seats, all these areas can harbor mold and threaten your health for years.  Depend on your local dealer/repair shop to assess and remediate as needed — sadly, some cars and trucks will be beyond repair.
Mold/yeast/mildew/fungus/mushrooms — they’re all in the same kingdom.  Plants and animals are the other two kingdoms.  Plants take sunlight and make energy.  Animals eat the plants (or eat other animals that ate the plants) to get the energy.  The fungus kingdom
eats the other two — “nothing personal, just business,” that what they have to do to survive.
My Bantam best-selling book, The Yeast Syndrome, can give you lots of details on how YEAST dramatically affects human health (Amazon, B&N, bookstores; print and e-book). One in three Americans suffers from illnesses and problems never recognized as coming
from poisoning by yeast organisms growing inside their gut.  More and more scientific studies are confirming how serious the problems are.
In the past 2 years, we’ve been able to do genetic identification of deep blood fungus, literally growing inside the blood stream of patients with unexplained and devastating illnesses: leukemia (high blood counts, leukopenia (low blood counts), all cancer patients we’ve tested, vague “immune system disorders,” autoimmune diseases like MS and RA (rheumatoid) and lupus, ALS, sudden kidney failure, sudden worsening of diabetes, severe skin conditions that dermatologists could not diagnose and treat, others.  Knowing that we’re dealing with odd fungi growing inside has given us the opportunity to plan and institute often effective treatment programs, providing welcomed improvement to desperate patients.
So — the KEY RIGHT NOW is to minimize your risks for yeast infections with The Yeast Syndrome — the book has many answers! — and thereby to reduce your likelihood of more ominous deep blood fungal infections.  The threat is real — ignoring this prospect could be perilous to your health, your well-being, your very survival.
Dr. Trowbridge was interviewed on these issues on KTRH Radio .  If you know of other media contacts who would want to interview him for commentary or news stories, please have them CALL!  Getting the word out quickly, to all of us in the flood zones, is critical to saving lives:
DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN  — or  — 281-540-2329
Dr. Trowbridge will be lecturing on these concerns in Los Angeles, Grand Rapids, Phoenix, and elsewhere in coming months.  A new book is in preparation: Beyond Cancer:  Jump Outside the Box!
One last thing — twice daily, as you start your morning and end your evening, say a prayer of gratitude for the many (and sometimes overlooked) blessings in our lives:  the sun shines, the clouds float by, the breeze refreshes, the trees and grass grow, we are fortunate beyond belief to live in this great nation, in this great State, far from the war-torn and disease-ridden areas of our world.  Pray for those as well.  Pray for our families and neighbors and friends … and for those whom we will never know but who need God’s grace too.  And smile.  Share your smiles … they’re free to give and lovely to receive.  Laugh when you can … and share your laughter as well.  And remember:  All we need is love.
Please SHARE this with as many people as you will — and post these details on your Facebook or other social media.  Simple mistakes or failures to do what is needed right now can have serious consequences, an avoidable tragedy since knowing “how to do it right” is literally within reach of everyone!