Hurricanes Can Make You Sick Long After They’re Gone

Hurricane season ended months ago. But the sad truth is that many thousands of people who survived a multitude of hurricanes could be experiencing undiagnosed illnesses related to the aftermath of hurricanes that blew through years ago. How is this possible, you may wonder?

Well, I’ll explain. Hidden molds, yeasts, and other airborne bacteria linger in cracks and crevices, walls and hinges, fixtures and sills, furnishings and automobiles long after the damaging winds and rains have wreaked havoc.

Years after a storm, you might start feeling bad. You go to your doctor and the doctor can’t put his or her finger on a specific diagnosis. Tests are “normal” or unclear.  You get more and more prescriptions that help only briefly.  And so the journey on the medical merry-go-round begins. To no avail. Many people die without knowing that they had a deep blood fungus or other illnesses related to fungal/yeast overgrowth.

Many yeasts, molds, mildew, and fungi can attack humans with wildly differing effects. These illnesses are difficult to diagnose, and patients suffer for years as their health deteriorates. If you began feeling unwell anytime within five years of a passing storm that caused flooding in your home, car or business, and you have not been able to get a diagnosis, you could be suffering the results of hurricane health hell.

Many doctors do not ask about conditions you lived with after a storm has blown through. What is most frustrating is that a physician skilled in evaluating these puzzling conditions can produce startling improvements within months, even in people who feel like giving up.

Your immune system could be compromised after exposure to molds, mildews, yeasts and fungi and no usual drug pills or surgeries are going to make a significant difference in your health. However, an accurate diagnosis and proven course of action could make you feel better than you have in years.

If you have been looking for a diagnosis for the pain and suffering, call our office today to learn of the many resources we have available, so you can solve the puzzle of your problems.  Schedule an appointment to discuss your condition and let us show you how you might improve in the next few months, just as we have seen repeatedly with so many of our patients over many years. Get out of your pain and get on with your life.