I Found Wings: The Jessica Cox Story

I Found Wings: The Jessica Cox Story

DNA Media is developing a documentary film telling the story of Jessica Cox, the first ever licensed armless pilot — Our plan is to entice younger adults to consider aviation careers.


>>> Please forward to CEO/President for consideration — and forgive the informality of this proposal, it is a voluntary labor of love <<<

Only rarely does an opportunity come along to join in making a major difference in the lives of others and the future for our children. Please take a moment to review and choose to join us … to get more pilots into the skies and more excitement in all aviation careers.

Jessica Cox was born without arms … but she found wings.

Ten years ago, she became the first licensed pilot — to fly using her legs.

We’re now planning videos keyed to her inspiring efforts to overcome obvious limitations, specifically to interest more young adults in all kinds of flying careers … and to inspire those who thought they couldn’t to discover that, indeed, they can.

The documents below describe this unique venture … and I’m pleased to offer for your review a pdf of the Emmy®️ award-winning video team for our success.

Take just a few minutes to read our proposal … see how you can help create a lasting inspiration for years to come, to motivate more of our sons and daughters into the enchanting and rewarding world of flight. Solving our pilot shortage is critical right now and you can help make that happen.

Your chance for you to join with us now will come and go — please arrange to be “on board” as we’re cleared for take-off on this truly unique and lasting adventure.

Our sponsorship proposal:

Cars without a driver? Almost around the corner.

But where are the (missing) pilots in these planes?

The controls of thousands of flight decks remain vacant right now.

What began as a journey for many of us in a J-3, a 150, or a 140 now starts in dozens of different brands.  The goal is always the same:  a pilot, capable and thrilled, often wanting to “move up” to bigger/better aircraft.  The “pipeline” has narrowed, and military mission readiness, passenger seats, freight, business and corporate travel, and plain pure fun-in-the-sun all suffer when no one is available to reach for the yoke or joystick

Have we lost our way?   The “looming” pilot shortage is here now, more serious than imagined.

The statistics are alarming:  Our military air forces are dramatically missing their needed pilots.  Our commercial air carriers are frustrated by the shortage of qualified, experienced pilots.  Corporate flight departments are always on the lookout for staffing.  Our general aviation ramps suffer through random cycles of feast and famine.  Our flight training schools are puzzled by the dearth of students who should be knocking on the hangar doors.  Sure, drones and the Jetsons are dozens of years off, but we need pilots now.

From the earliest flights of the Wright brothers, the magic of flight captured the imagination and inspired millions of teens and young adults who wanted to soar in winged machines.  Until just recently.

The pilot shortage is real.  The solution has many factors – and each takes years.

Inspiring young men and women to seek out a flying career right now is a critical start for the solution.  Beyond impressive airshows and occasional media commercials, beyond the overwhelmingly successful Young Eagles flights … school field trips … airport open houses … what else can we do now to inspire and enroll the future aviators upon whose shoulders our national security and economy depend?

Here’s your opportunity to participate in an absolutely unique way.  The FAA has become less inflexible with medical exclusions, and scientific advances and pilot experience has shown that safety has not suffered.  Many people are unaware that now they could enjoy flying despite what, years ago, appeared to be insurmountable barriers.  As more people take to the air, some of their friends and neighbors can become newly intrigued and inspired by witnessing the delight and satisfaction that each of us already knows.

Here’s how you could help solve the problem, right now!  Introduce prospective pilots to a young woman who overcame skepticism and all odds to earn her pilot’s wings:  Jessica Cox.  Determined to break the surly bonds of earth, Jessica refused to consider her missing arms as a limitation.  She found wings!

That’s right:  born without arms, she has grabbed life by the horns and become a pilot – and a Taekwondo black belt, a surfer, an international motivational speaker, and much more!  Her 2015 autobiography, Disarm Your Limits, gives you a peek into the awesome human qualities that will be featured in the documentary videos that we propose to create, to ignite young imaginations to consider all forms of aviation careers.

Five-time Emmy® award winning director/producer Nick Nanton has a passion for documentary filming that shares unique stories, preserving their impact for coming generations as well.  Jessica’s story is certainly a most unique one in aviation history.  Hers is one that demands to be told by someone who can capture and convey the deepest meanings of disability and determination.

We invite you to join us, to sponsor Jessica’s video documentary project.  Our goal is to create at least two video versions … one for the general TV/broadband audience … and another for high school students and young adults who need an invitation to set aside “considerations of limitations” and dream of aviation careers.  A third version might be created for more specialized audiences, to best meet needs expressed by our sponsors.  Each version would have a “long viewing life” because Jessica’s is a story is one with unending value to excite and inspire.

You can help create the fertile ground for a bountiful supply of new pilots by funding this documentary.  We are seeking resources through Executive Producers, Co-producers, and Sponsors.  Your company (or individual) name will be displayed prominently in the video credits.  We’re approaching aviation manufacturers and suppliers, associations, pilot education companies, corporate flight departments, civil and military departments, aviation celebrities, and other opinion leaders.  Your funding offer is secure, since deposits will be made into escrow until the project is slated for production.  Nick is an acclaimed Florida entertainment attorney and founder/CEO of The Dicks+Nanton Celebrity Branding® Agency.

Thusfar, we’ve scheduled Jessica to join us in Houston for a Challenge Air Fly Day event hosting a hundred “special needs” kids at Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport on November 3, 2018.  While there, she’ll “meet up” for the cameras with her flight instructors and her original trainer, Ercoupe N3103H, now based in Conroe.  We’ll also have some “public meetings” for her to address, CFIs, Women in Aviation, maybe even at NASA.  Incidentally, Nick is one who “shoots for the stars” – he’s served on the board of the X-Prize Foundation, whose commitment is to “foster high-profile competitions to motivate individuals, companies and organizations across all disciplines to develop innovative ideas and technologies that help solve the grand challenges that restrict humanity’s progress.”  We couldn’t say it better.

Some would see this as a bold project – but Jessica and her flight instructors did all the “boldness” that we’ll ever need.  Our job now is to explore and record her aviation experiences and perspectives in the most powerful way that will inspire others to join us, to aim high in the coming years.  We invite you to join right now in this incredibly enriching and unique experience.  Something this special will come your way only this one time!

John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM
Former Senior AME for the FAA
Nick Nanton, Esq.
Emmy® Award Winning Director/Producer


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Disarm Your Limits: The Flight Formula to Lift You to Success and Propel You to the Next Horizon – Jessica’s first book

Right Footed Deluxe Edition DVD – The award-winning chronicle of her crusade to change perceptions about disability

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Jessica Cox in the Ercoupe with her initial flight instructor, Glen Davis
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