Is Cholesterol The Culprit Or Is It The Yeast Syndrome

Many heart specialists today dish out pills meant to lower cholesterol as if they were miraculous and did the job spectacularly. But have you ever wondered why do so many people still die of heart disease? The truth is that cholesterol is not the culprit. This is the statement made by100-year-old Fred Kummerow, Ph.D, who published his studies for 70 years on cholesterol and blockage disease. In fact, when he was 100, he published a book titled, Cholesterol Is Not The Culprit.

Consider this: Big pharma keeps lowering what doctors can consider too high when it comes to measuring cholesterol. That’s because they make the drugs, and they do the research to support their findings. If it were up to the pharmaceutical companies, everyone would be required to take cholesterol lowering drugs. In fact, some people have even suggested they should be in the public water supply!

The True Cause Of Heart Disease

The medical institution has moved so far away from looking at the miraculous nature of the human body and takes way too much pride in producing pills and surgical procedures that temporarily make it appear that things are functioning as they should. Few doctors today are taught to trace the symptoms of a health problem to the actual root. So, your heart doctor probably doesn’t have a clue. Unless you go to an integrative doctor or other doctor who practices outside the medical mainstream, chances are you’ll be living without ever knowing the joys of optimal health.

Elevated Cholesterol Could Be A Signal You Have The Yeast Syndrome

Now, consider this: your elevated cholesterol may not be heart disease at all. It could be the body making cholesterol to protect you from something else.

At the very least, cholesterol can bind to injury inflammation striking the delicate lining cells in your tiny arteries. You make your hormones from cholesterol – and vitamin D as well. Cholesterol is a major part of the membranes surrounding each cell … and the tiny “organelles” inside them. But there’s much more to the story.

Studies have shown that cholesterol can wrap around toxins produced by fungus and yeasts (called mycotoxins) and reduce their damage to your body chemistry. This could mean that you are generating higher cholesterol levels as an attempt to protect yourself from toxins produced by invaders intent on making a meal out of you. That’s what fungi do.

Three Kingdoms

Your journey to recovery and maintaining health depends on understanding the three kingdoms of living organisms divided according to the chemistry involved in how they gain the energy needed to stay alive.

Plants, using the green chlorophyll in their leaves, convert sunlight into packages of energy called glucose. Animals eat plants to get that energy for themselves – or they eat other animals who have eaten the plants. Members of the fungus kingdom eat both plants and animals in order to get their energy. Yeasts, molds, mildews, and fungi are all members of the fungus kingdom. They are also the smartest because they have to overcome any and all defenses put up by plants or animals in order to “eat” them.

When You’re Ready To Discover The Real Culprit

Cholesterol is given the worst health rap ever. But is it true? When you’re really ready to get to the bottom of your heart and all other health issues, give our office a call. We take your health seriously and work with the miraculous healing potential in each and every individual’s body. We want you to achieve and celebrate the highest level of health possible.