Is Your Body Rusting?

“What!” You exclaim, upon reading the title of this piece. You say to yourself, “Bodies can’t rust! We’re not made of tin like the Tin Man.” That’s absolutely true. Human beings are not made of tin. But, inside the human body, in the tiny capillaries, arteries and veins, free radicals accumulate which cause damage that is very similar and as serious as the damaging effects rust has on metals.


The truth is that even among mainstream medicine, evidence is accumulating that confirms the idea that most of the degenerative diseases that afflict humanity have their origin in free radical reactions. The diseases that are believed to be the result of free radical damage include atherosclerosis, cancer, inflammatory joint disease, asthma, diabetes, senile dementia and degenerative eye disease. Yes, just about all of them! And get this, the very process of aging is the result of free radical damage.


So, you may wonder, what are these free radicals and how do they accumulate? Free radical damage is caused primarily from toxic chemicals and metals lodged in the body’s organs. This is the result of chemical pollution in our air, water, food, tobacco, dental fillings, cookware, antiperspirant ad infinitum. In other words, our world is filled with chemical pollutants.


It’s no wonder most people on the planet are suffering from so many diseases with so many different names. And, it’s no wonder that so very few are finding real relief through mainstream medical channels.


The truth is that every part of your body depends on clean air, clean water and clean food. A critical way to feel better is to eliminate the toxins in the body. There is a non-surgical method called chelation that stimulates the natural healing processes of the body by removing the toxic metals that are lodged throughout all of your body cells. It’s not a ‘quick-fix’ method that just requires popping a pill. But if you still have hope for finding lasting relief, it is finally the time for you to look for alternatives to taking drugs or undergoing surgery. Give us a call and ask about Chelation Therapy. You’ll be amazed how you  could feel without all that “rust” in your body.