Seven key opportunities for better health are MISSED by most people (and their doctors), despite their best efforts and intentions.

The tragedy is that they fail to find the few pioneering doctors who DO have specialized training and extensive experience. These “alternative medicine specialists” often help people stay healthier or even recover from disastrous disease.

At some point, each person reaches the stage where “all the doctors” offer their opinion that “nothing more can be done”, that modern medicine “has no more treatments available”. This admission is frightening in its severity – there is “no more help” to be found.

Regrettably, patients and their families find a solemn comfort in wrongly concluding that “they’ve done all they can,” that “the best doctors have done their very best” for them. They assume that their doctors have done “all the tests.” They haven’t. They assume that their doctors have “looked for all the problems.” They haven’t. They assume that their doctors have “tried every treatment that might help.” They haven’t. And – sadly – they lose their final chance to restore any semblance of health by helping each and every cell in their body to recover, to repair, to rejuvenate. And they die.

Now is the time to reach out for better health ……

Regardless of how many opportunities you have missed, “advanced” treatments based on solid discoveries of science has something to offer you – especially if you still can “get up and get around.”

Those few of us in our advanced practices have seen the many miracles of patients once again becoming more whole, more youthful, more energetic, more alive. We have learned to use special advanced tests and special advanced treatments that are ignored and deplored by “usual” physicians ….. the very same doctors who helplessly (even zealously) watch their patients suffer and die.

Cancers. Heart diseases. Strokes. Gangrene. Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Diabetes. Multiple sclerosis. Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Severe pain syndromes. Ulcerative colitis. These and many other “deadly” diseases are the ones with which our patients arrive. These are the ones that we must treat. These are the ones where we have had to develop the most practical ways to help the body to restore better health. Not every time. But many times, when their specialists and other usual doctors have resigned them to die.

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