Looking For Health In All The Wrong Places

An image of a man entering a grey stone labyrinth which is surrounded by green hedges.

When I see so many millions of people running from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist without ever getting better, I’m reminded of the country song, Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places. It’s the picture of insanity according to Einstein. Doing the same thing repeatedly, each time expecting a different result. Yet, it continues. Massive hospital campuses call themselves “health centers” yet they are always filled with people who are anything but healthy.

So, how will you ever feel better if you keep looking for health in all the wrong places? You simply won’t. You must step off the mainstream medical merry-go-round. You must do something out of the ordinary. You must look to a medical professional who has broken with tradition and who works with the miraculous healing properties of the human body, mind, and spirit. Today these medical professionals are called integrative doctors. I am an integrative doctor and have been for 40+ years.

Look For Health In The Right Places

Integrative doctors work with patients to get to the true source of the discomfort, the dis-ease, whatever it is. We spend quite a bit of time with our patients. We get to know them, how they think, how they live, how, when and what they eat, what traumatic events they may have lived through or may still be living with. Everything in a person’s life contributes to either health or lack of health. We take an integrative approach to health and wellness. We work with all aspects of the amazing human being and its miraculous system.

We look for things that those in the mainstream medical professional poo-poo as non-existent, for instance, the Yeast Syndrome that causes so much pain and suffering. We suggest and help patients incorporate easy, small, yet meaningful lifestyle changes that make big differences in how they feel. You simply cannot medicate yourself out of a disease you ate yourself into – you require a specialized physician with specialized training and experience, expertise blended with compassion and a dedication to help you restore better health.

It’s not just what you put in your mouth, it’s also what you think, what you watch, listen to, and read on a regular basis that contributes to inner harmony or inner anxiety and fear. No pill or surgery can change your mind for you.

Health And Well Being Come From The Inside Out, Not From The Outside In

That’s right, despite the amazing accomplishments made in the medical industry, and there are many that are essential starting with putting broken bones back in place so the body can do it’s healing, and despite the ability to go inside the body and remove things, replace hearts and lungs and remove plaque from arteries, no pill or surgery can do what the body does naturally without help from any of us humans. These technical advancements help people sometimes briefly, sometimes longer term. But unless you go within and work with the gift of life that is flowing within you constantly and learn how to support it…or more likely to get out of Its way, you’ll always be looking for health and answers outside of yourself from people who want to give you the latest pill or surgery.

No doctor created the miraculous life that flows through every living thing on this planet. No doctor can take credit for the brilliance that flows through you. But those of us who work with this incredible life force can help get you back on track to feeling better and celebrating a healthier way of life. If you’re ready to step off the insanity loop, give my office a call and let’s start working with your brilliant life force.