Lupus Treatment

Is this really a way to ZAP your pain and suffering?

You hurt.  We’ve got that.  You’ve probably been hurting for years.  We’ve got that too.  You’ve seen doctors and specialists and maybe even voo-doo practitioners in your search for comfort.  We’ve got that too.

Let’s unravel the mystery, so you could finally feel better rather than taking more drugs and facing one or more operations.

How would you know if the treatment you get is the treatment you need?  After all, the doctor simply said “You need a cortisone shot” – or a “steroid shot” – or a “corticosteroid.”  (They’re all the same, that’s what usual treatment involves … or “the drugs.”)

Has anyone told you the serious side effects that cortisone could have, changing your body permanently …

and not for the best!  Many folks get repeated injections – those can “melt” your joints.

Anti-inflammatory drugs have their own special side effects, including the prospect of serious bleeding and possibly liver or kidney damage.  Earlier ones even caused heart attack deaths.

None of these approaches actually “treat” your lupus, whether it involves your skin or your organs or arthritis joint pains and stiffness – they are simply “bandaids” needed continuously or repeatedly, to cover your discomfort.  Desperate, some folks finally settle on one or more operations as their only hope.  Many people never realize that other simple options … which can help you actually heal and repair … are readily available, here and now.

Here’s a scary fact: 

some people complaining of pain “in my joints” don’t realize that it’s actually the inflammation causing the pain and often your joint can still be repaired rather than operated. Not knowing what is happening, you can end up with injections, daily drugs, even repeated surgery unless the diagnosis is correctly made.

So what’s the mystery?  “Lupus” is a special case where your immune defense system is, literally, attacking your various tissues, often including your joints.  Care that makes you truly better requires special expertise in the science of immunology.  Sounds so simple … so why have doctors missed it?  Those who don’t have a strong basic science background in dealing with immune system processes can fail to see their way through to help you.  The reasons you can have a distressing “lupus” pattern are many … but diagnosis and treatment can be simpler than you think!

Cortisone?  Maybe you don’t need it … doctors inject it because it reduces painful inflammation – that’s the chemical signal your body is creating to insist on having healing cells arrive to correct the injury you likely never knew you have.  Drugs?  Maybe you don’t need them.  Joint replacement surgery?  Maybe you don’t need it.  And finally chemotherapy?  Maybe you don’t need it.

Could there be anything better than what you’ve been told?

The answer is a simple “yes”:  there are several treatments that might be better for you. 

Checklist you must consider:

  • detoxification of offending chemicals and toxic metals
  • gentle immune system stimulation for healing and repair
  • treatment for undiscovered deep-seated infections
  • prolozone (prolotherapy) with ozone, an almost painless injection used for dozens of years in Europe
  • neural therapy, using a tiny needle to inject local anesthetic to correct damage inside
  • stem cells (“biological assist”) – unique umbilical cord blood stem cell product, safely obtained after birth, with fresh, vibrant, effective cells and healing factors to direct your repair … we’ve done for several years


Let us help you through the confusing maze of lupus arthritis pain diagnosis and treatments to select what is best to produce the result you want, so you can do what you want to do!  Already been to surgery?  Definitely call to review your options.

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John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM


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