Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctor in Advance Medicine, The Recipient Of The Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award And Best-Selling Author, Dr. John Trowbridge, Elaborates On The Many Conditions Produced By Yeast.

Dr. John Trowbridge, Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctor in Advance Medicine, the Recipient of The Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award, and best-selling author, tells readers they may be unknowingly hosting a feast that could be causing a multitude of painful and potentially dangerous health conditions.

HOUSTON. TX  January 23, 2020: Dr. John Trowbridge, Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctor in Advanced Medicine and the recipient of the Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award, posted a new article on his website entitled, Your Body Could Be Hosting A Yeast Feast,” in which Dr. Trowbridge elaborates on a variety of symptoms.

“You’ve been experiencing chronic pains, fatigue, sleeplessness, depression,” writes Dr. Trowbridge. He continues, “Yet your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong with you. So you live with the pain and the thought that you must be crazy. When the pain intensifies you make an appointment with another specialist, as you keep looking for answers. You undergo expensive tests and treatments. You’ll do anything that promises to relieve the pain you live with. Years have gone by and you have nothing to show for your efforts except a depleted bank account.”

Dr. Trowbridge states, “I’m here to tell you that your suffering is real. You are not crazy.” According to Dr. Trowbridge, “Yeast goes undetected because it’s invisible.” He says, “Chances are you are hosting a Candida yeast feast inside your body. Yeast literally thrives and multiplies undetected when growing in the gut. As a result they can overgrow.” Dr. Trowbridge points out that, “Unfortunately, many of the most commonly consumed foods and medications help the yeasts thrive. Antibiotics, birth control pills, sugar, unhealthy diet, cortisone, stressful lifestyle and more contribute to the continuous growth of yeast in the human body.”

“Some of the more obvious Yeast Syndrome problems people show up with in my office include symptoms in the mouth such as thrush, periodontal disease, sinusitis and chronic nasal allergies,” Dr. Trowbridge writes. He goes on to say, “Also heartburn, acid reflux and chronic cough are symptoms of yeast. Excess gas, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, anal itch and ulcerative colitis are results of yeast having a feast in the body. Some of the signs are also visible on the skin in the form of athlete’s food, dandruff, eyelid infections, vulvovaginitis and jock itch.”

“As you can see,” says Dr. Trowbridge, “the symptoms are many and these are just the most obvious ones. Left undiagnosed and untreated the long-term effects of yeast can result in more deep-seated and dangerous inner infections.”


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About Dr. John Parks Trowbridge

One of America’s leading stem cell physicians, Dr. Trowbridge has maintained his private practice, Life Celebrating Health, consisting of a health recovery unit, pain relief unit, and life-long health unit, in Humble, Texas, since 1978. He and his devoted support staff of many years are committed to a simple slogan: “Find it now – Fix it right!” Insistent on finding a cause where one is suspected through detailed history taking, hands-on physical exam, emerging tests, and novel reasoning, he cautions against assuming that drugs or surgery are the only real choices. He attributes his practice success to a simple unwavering devotion: pose challenging questions and actively seek out practical answers.

Believing that people should get out of their pain and on with their lives, Dr. Trowbridge’s non-surgical treatments have helped people suffering with arthritis, neck and back pains, joint pains, and sports injuries. Recognized for his expertise in the blossoming field of regenerative medicine, he has coached over three dozen physicians to perform stem cell treatments for delightful recovery after years of suffering. Intent on sharing his innovative diagnostic and treatment perspectives, Dr. Trowbridge has been honored as an invited lecturer in Taiwan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and across the States. His patients travel from far and wide, frustrated with still feeling sick and tired despite the best of conventional care.

Expounding on his passion to discover or develop effective treatments for desperate patients has led to Editor’s Choice awards for chapters in books co-authored with luminaries Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Larry King. The Yeast Syndrome, published by Bantam Books, continues to be a bestseller since 1986. An expert in heavy metal toxicology, Dr. Trowbridge’s innovative “chelation therapy” programs remove lead, mercury and more, to revitalize the lives of patients with assorted degenerative conditions, even having had two patients removed from the heart transplant list as they recovered. While “detox” is now a popular theme in modern culture, his career-long strategies have given a powerful definition to the recovery of vibrant health.