Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctor in Advance Medicine, The Recipient Of The Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award And Best-Selling Author, Dr. John Trowbridge, Writes About Things The Mouth Reveals About Overall Health.

 Dr. John Trowbridge, Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctor in Advance Medicine, the Recipient of The Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award, and best-selling author, talks about how ones oral health can be a source of affliction in other parts of the body causing pain, disease and discomfort.

HOUSTON. TX, October 19, 2020: Dr. John Trowbridge, Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctor in Advanced Medicine and the recipient of the Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award, posted a new article on his website entitled, Your Mouth Might Be Trying To Tell You Something About Your Overall Health.” Dr. Trowbridge reveals that the condition of a person’s oral health can indicate how healthy the rest of the body is. 

Dr. Trowbridge states, “It’s true. What’s in your mouth could be messing with your vital organs and could be the cause of much of your pain, discomfort and illness.” He adds, “I’m not referring to the food you put in your mouth, but that does count too. I’ll address that some other time. For the moment I’m talking about things like mercury fillings, dead teeth left in the mouth after having a root canal, dental implants, bridges.” He emphasizes, “All of these are perfectly legitimate and traditional ways of treating cavities, missing, and broken teeth, infections etc. However, most of the procedures that continue to be used by traditional dentists are still being used for one simple reason: because they have worked.”

As Dr. Trowbridge points out, “Historically mercury fillings have been used to fill cavities for more than 150 years. Even though there is much controversy over the use of mercury fillings today, many dentists still use them.” He continues, “They are considered safe by the FDA. But consider this. Mercury is toxic poison that has been banned from use in thermometers, batteries and many other things. However, for some reason this highly toxic and poisonous metal is allowed to be placed in the mouths of children where it stays for decades, maybe even for a lifetime.”

“If you have a bridge or implants,” says Dr. Trowbridge, “the metals used create electrical charges in the body that causes a phenomenon called “oral galvanism.” This means that your mouth is acting like a small car battery or a miniature electrical generator.”


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About Dr. John Parks Trowbridge

One of America’s leading stem cell physicians, Dr. Trowbridge has maintained his private practice, Life Celebrating Health, consisting of a health recovery unit, pain relief unit, and life-long health unit, in Humble, Texas, since 1978. He and his devoted support staff of many years are committed to a simple slogan: “Find it now – Fix it right!” Insistent on finding a cause where one is suspected through detailed history taking, hands-on physical exam, emerging tests, and novel reasoning, he cautions against assuming that drugs or surgery are the only real choices. He attributes his practice success to a simple unwavering devotion: pose challenging questions and actively seek out practical answers.

Believing that people should get out of their pain and on with their lives, Dr. Trowbridge’s non-surgical treatments have helped people suffering with arthritis, neck and back pains, joint pains, and sports injuries. Recognized for his expertise in the blossoming field of regenerative medicine, he has coached over three dozen physicians to perform stem cell treatments for delightful recovery after years of suffering. Intent on sharing his innovative diagnostic and treatment perspectives, Dr. Trowbridge has been honored as an invited lecturer in Taiwan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and across the States. His patients travel from far and wide, frustrated with still feeling sick and tired despite the best of conventional care.

Expounding on his passion to discover or develop effective treatments for desperate patients has led to Editor’s Choice awards for chapters in books co-authored with luminaries Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Larry King. The Yeast Syndrome, published by Bantam Books, continues to be a bestseller since 1986. An expert in heavy metal toxicology, Dr. Trowbridge’s innovative “chelation therapy” programs remove lead, mercury and more, to revitalize the lives of patients with assorted degenerative conditions, even having had two patients removed from the heart transplant list as they recovered. While “detox” is now a popular theme in modern culture, his career-long strategies have given a powerful definition to the recovery of vibrant health.