Missing Information That May Play A Role In Treating And Preventing COVID-19

Everyone is pretty terrified of the prospect of getting COVID-19. Yet, there are so many opportunities to strengthen the immune system that the mainstream medical industry simply ignores. Maybe, as you decide to step out of the mainstream you’ll discover a few things and a depth and breadth of information that just might help you prevent and/or treat this virus that has the whole world in a tizzy.

My clinical experience suggests that anti-fungal and anti-parasite medications have an important role to play in treating (even preventing?) COVID-19 infections. More provocative is the prospect that dental infections might predispose for more serious viral episodes – perhaps even with common influenza that kills 20- to 60,000+ Americans each “flu season.” Gingivitis is quite common, periodontal disease has been implicated in deeper tissue infections.  This could be an important reason why children have far fewer complications with COVID-19 – because their gums and teeth are in better condition. It is my opinion that Integrative practitioners and biological dentists must assume a directing role in helping patients to restore and maintain more robust immune system function, critical for surviving any infection.

And another area where medical mainstream fails patients is nutrition. While many conventional physicians and pharmacists dismiss the critical role of nutrition in creating and preserving better health, COVID-19 presents us with a life-saving teaching moment. Essential minerals are lacking in “fast foods” and “ultra-processed foods.” One such essential micronutrient is zinc. Zinc deficiency is prominent in diseases of aging and in illnesses associated with immune compromise. Of course, all nutrients are critical, but everyone needs to compare the striking similarity of zinc deficiency symptoms to those of COVID-19 (https://tinyurl.com/ud33ulq). And not surprising, zinc is significant for oral health.

If you are ready to discover more efficient ways of helping the body avoid getting COVID-19, give my office a call. You may discover an exciting and healthy new journey that can add years of better health to your life.