Most People Prefer Synthetic Hormones Over The Body’s Own Healing Mechanism

 We Americans have become so accustomed to turning our health care over to doctors that the majority of people forget their bodies are miraculously designed to be self-healing. I include the doctors in “most people.” Too many people run to their doctors at the slightest sniffle or discomfort. The doctors have become so numb to being given this overwhelming responsibility that they simply want to give their patients the “solution” that will relieve pain as quickly as possible. This has resulted in a medical system that continuously masks pain and causes more painful conditions because no one gets to the root cause of the condition. Doctors prescribe pills and surgeries because that’s what patients also seem to prefer. It appears to be the easiest route to ending their pain. Those procedures may alleviate pain for a short period of time but neither pills nor surgery will allow for good health in the long run.


Let’s Look At A Simple Example

Let’s take something as simple as bursitis. Bursitis causes a great deal of pain when it erupts.  Some people go to the doctor complaining of a joint pain when the pain is actually only bursitis. Instead of discovering the real source of the pain, your doctor will likely recommend a cortisone shot. However, one shot is rarely enough as the pain is likely to return in weeks.

What you must understand is that bursitis is just a little sac or bubble under your skin, over points or angles in a bone, designed to slip-n-slide just a little so that you can’t puncture a hole in your skin if you’re putting pressure on the area (sleeping, working, whatever). “Bursitis” is the medical word for inflammation in the sac. As I mentioned, the first thing many doctors recommend is cortisone shots. Cortisone reduces the painful inflammation, however the inflammation is the chemical signal your body is creating to insist on having healing cells arrive to the area of injury that you likely don’t remember or never knew you had. There are other treatments besides cortisone shots and surgery that might be better for you.

Very often people with simple bursitis who think they have joint pain end up with regular cortisone injections and in some cases operations without the proper diagnosis. Is there anything better, you wonder? Indeed there is.



I have used Prolotherapy (Reconstructive Therapy) on bursitis for 30 years. This is a process that uses a tiny needle to inject a natural irritant into the area in order to “push” the body’s natural healing in order to repair the bursitis. In addition to Prolotherapy, I also use another form of prolotherapy called Prolozone which is a virtually painless injection of ozone which has been in use in Europe for dozens of years. I also employ neural therapy and stem cell therapy. All of the treatments I use for bursitis are tried and true and work with the body’s natural healing processes.


Side Effects Of Cortisone

It’s important to consider that the potential side effects of cortisone shots increase with larger doses and repeated use. Side effects can include:

Cartilage damage

Death of nearby bone

Joint infection

Nerve damage

Temporary facial flushing

Temporary flare of pain and inflammation in the joint

Temporary increase in blood sugar

Tendon weakening or rupture

Thinning of nearby bone (osteoporosis)

Thinning of skin and soft tissue around the injection site

Whitening or lightening of the skin around the injection site


Heal The Body Instead Of Temporarily Masking The Pain

You might have been able to avoid years of chronic debilitating pain if you realized how powerful the human body is. Unfortunately we humans forget that we didn’t create life or the body. But we certainly mistakenly think we are capable of overriding the brilliant healing capacity we’ve been endowed with. Unfortunately, the medical industry simply masks the pain and distress, ultimately causing more pain, more distress and more confusion.

When you are ready to heal, give me a call. I believe no matter how long you’ve been misdiagnosed, the body’s natural healing potential can be awakened and your health can be renewed.