Neural Fascial Therapy Repairs Nerves And Relieves Pain

Bodily injuries can create lasting bodily disruptions. Most people don’t think about the long-term effects that what seems to be slight injuries and minor surgeries can have on the cells, nerves, muscles and other systems throughout the body. Whenever the neural fascial membrane is disturbed, by being cut, squished, pulled or distorted, it can disrupt flow of energy and nutrients throughout the entire system.

Broken Nerve Flow Is Like A Short Circuit In Your House Wiring

Let me start with an overview and explanation of “neural” and “fascial.” Neural means nerves. Nerves work by having a normal nerve flow. Nerves monitor and control all the body’s parts. Fascial means tissue. The fascial tissue is the tough fibers that interconnect all the body’s parts. In science, there is a law that states that structure determines function. For instance, if the structure of your hand is damaged, your hand doesn’t function well. Now let’s put this all together.

Muscles move because of nerve flow to them. The heart beats because of nerve flow controlling it. All the special senses and internal organs work due to the control of the nerves. This nerve flow is critical to the sensation, function and movements of the entire body. When nerves become damaged through surgery, injury, falls, burns and so forth, this vital nerve flow is broken. Think of this broken nerve flow like a short circuit in your house wiring. Pain, lack of motion, loss of function, poor endurance and many other body control malfunctions result from the broken nerve flow and remain until the nerves are fixed. Even without surgery and visible scar formation, hits, falls, accidents, and even stretching/pulling injuries alter structure. The tissue becomes squished or compressed and the function becomes abnormal.

Restore Nerve Flow Restore Function And Remove Pain

Most people know that local anesthetics block pain. What most people don’t know is that local anesthetics also restore normal nerve flow. When the nerve flow is restored, the function and energy are instantly corrected. The pain and other sensory problems also instantly improve or resolve entirely.

This discovery about local anesthetics was made by two German physicians, Ferdinand and Walter Huneke, back in 1925. They found that procaine and lidocaine anesthetics caused immediate resolution of pain and symptoms when injected into scars. It turns out nerve flow is restored by the exact placement of local anesthetic into and around the precise nerves involved. The injections are done with a very thin needle by a physician specifically trained in post-doctoral work in neural-fascial therapy. Those of us trained in this work would never prescribe cortisone shots. We just don’t use it because we prefer to help the body heal itself.

Say Goodbye To Long-term Pain

Too many people are suffering needlessly due to distortion of fascia and disruption of nerve flow caused by surgeries, falls and other non-scarring injuries. Perhaps you’ve been on a steady flow of pain pills as a result, or a daily diet of Ibuprofen or other drugs with disturbing side-effects. If you are suffering and your doctors cannot pinpoint the source of your suffering, it might be time to explore your nerve flow and your fascial structure. For over 30 years of diagnosing and treating chronic pain complaints, I’ve been helping my patients return to a life filled with activity and joy after they’ve explored every other option. My real hope is that I can reach more people in pain before they spend their life savings on multiple surgeries or get hooked on life-draining pain pills. Give my office a call and let’s see how we can return you to the joy of living.