Promising Observations on Treating COVID-19

Posted on: April 22, 2020

Recent news reports of successful treatments of COVID-19 infected patients provoked me to revisit the mechanisms of action for drugs that I have used for years … in the treatment of “Deep Blood Fungus” issues.


Some Scary, Costly, Ominous Thoughts As We Go Forward

Posted on: April 13, 2020

What is a life really worth? Not a question we think about very often, if at all. But right now, 330 million Americans are facing down that very real question.



Posted on: March 12, 2020

Coronavirus – COVID19 – whatever you call it, we know so little about this new stranger. And what we know is made fearful because many suspected of being infected have been locked away in quarantine for 2 or more weeks. Is this real, in the 21st Century? Absolutely!


ALERT BULLETIN: What Does YOUR Future Hold?

Posted on: Jun 29, 2012

“The end result is everybody’s happy because everybody can get health insurance [but] who’s going to pay for it? That’s the big question,” said Keith McCurdy, a New York-based partner with law firm Fox Rothschild, which works with employers on their benefits plans. “In the past year, insurance premiums went up to begin covering some of the requirements of health-care reform. As more of those requirements develop, he said.


What Does YOUR Future Hold?

Sometimes We Get to Give Back

Posted on: June 28, 2012

Many of our parents are “stuck” in the TV / magazine / newsletter generation. They’re simply not aware or comfortable with the google / email generation … and WOW! are they missing out. So much information is at our fingertips about just about anything, including newer advances in medical care – or latest information about older treatments. WE see these details in our daily lives … but our parents remain blissfully unaware of many of these incredible discoveries.


Dr T asks … in a Memorial Day PICKLE? You might be!

Posted on: May 25, 2012

You’re busy, we know – a lot of plans to get done for this weekend to have all the fun you hope for. So we won’t take long to introduce you to our new web presence. For years, we’ve known we want to share LOTS more information. BUT we wanted to make it easy and fun for you to browse what closer to getting’ it right!


Are You a Lemon?

Posted on: May 23, 2012

We grow through our teenage years feeling great, often feeling as young adults that we’re “indestructible.” Then something happens. Some folks “never see a doctor” – and actually do fine for dozens of years. (Not advisable, since many degenerative diseases are “preventable” by easy actions early on, but that’s another newsletter.)


The Hidden Cause of Feeling Awful

Posted on: May 11, 2012

Could you be suffering with The Yeast Syndrome and you don’t realize THAT is your
problem? Remember that “Close only counts in horse-shoes and hand grenades,” so
not quite getting the right treatment means that your problems linger and even worsen … and that you’ve hopped on the Medical Merry-Go-Round – seeing specialist after specialist, for months and years, as your problems worsen.


Too Close To Halitosis?!?

Posted on: May 7, 2012

Whew! – maybe you could step back a little? A little more? Try saying THAT to your boss … your spouse … your girlfriend … your daughter-in-law. There’s just lotsa people with whom we come into contact who have – bless their souls – a bit stronger “signature” in the air. We’re careful not to “pass gas” in the neighborhood … but try not talking! Or not even breathing! Our society is loaded with FAST – EASY – FREE solutions to many of life’s “troubling problems”


You Can’t Believe Everything You Read

Posted on: April 6, 2012

My mother gave me a copy of LIFE EXTENSION when it was published in 1983. She was excited to have found it … and I enjoyed reading it. She found the information very reassuring, as well she should. But I had to caution her that about two-thirds of what they published was “relevant” or “true,” while the remaining third didn’t have as much “importance” as they suggested.


Startling New Revelations About Obamacare … That Will Affect Your Care

Posted on: March 22, 2012

On this second anniversary of the passage of the health care law known affectionately as “ObamaCare,” you need to know … that some people now have read it … (remember Nancy Pelosi: “You’ve got to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”) … And what they read has disturbed many of them!


Going Beyond Failed Resolutions

Posted on: Dec 29, 2011

Life has a funny way of showing up while we’re busy doing other things. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that this day – today – is NOT a dress rehearsal, it’s actually the REAL thing. The holidays at the end of the year often are hectic times ….. finding gifts, wrapping them, shopping for meals, cooking them, cleaning the house for entertaining … then cleaning up after the party. And then – finally catching up on your rest!