Nutritional Medicine Sounds Like An Oxymoron But It’s The Core Of Health

The most common oxymoron is “jumbo shrimp.” You know, those expressions that sound completely contradictory. I’m including “nutritional medicine” in that category because I know that most people do not consider food to be medicine nor medicine to be food!

What most people don’t fully understand is that nutrition, which is most commonly delivered through food – at least it used to be before food started being sprayed with toxic chemicals and tampered with – and excellent supplements, is truly the road that promotes life-long health and can permanently fix your problems.

It has recently come to light that a vitamin D deficiency is the one common feature in those people with severe COVID-19. It makes sense in the elderly who are residing in nursing homes who rarely if ever get to sit in the sunlight which stimulates vitamin D production in the skin.

A recent article states that, “According to a Spanish study published online October 27, 2020, in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 82.2% of COVID-19 patients tested were found to be deficient in vitamin D… The researchers compared the vitamin D levels of 216 COVID-19 patients and 197 population-based controls, finding that hospitalized COVID-19 patients had a higher prevalence of deficiency and had lower vitamin D levels overall.”

Vitamin D boosts overall immune function by modulating innate and adaptive immune responses. It also reduces respiratory distress and improves overall lung function while helping to produce surfactants in the lungs that aid in fluid clearance.

Don’t expect your doctor to tell you this, but “research has shown that maintaining adequate amounts of vitamin D may protect you from developing multiple sclerosis and various forms of cancers including ovarianbreast, and prostate.

It doesn’t occur to most people who are suffering that their pain may be due to lifestyle, such as stress or nutrition. When lifestyle problems happen, there are no drugs nor surgeries that can fix them. To promote life-long health and permanently fix your problems, you need nutritional medicine.

Since 1981 I have offered my patients a full range of natural health-restoring strategies. To discover the root of the problem in order to be able to fix it, three things must be considered: (1) what’s blocking you from getting better, (2) what you’re missing to get better, and (3) what switches to turn on.

With customized supplement (and prescription) programs, you can find optimum health through balancing your metabolism and replacing nutritional deficiencies. COVID-19 has everyone afraid for their lives. Everyone, that is, except those people who have discovered life-long robust health and well-being through understanding the power of nutritional medicine. Are you ready to discover a better way to live yet? If so, give my office a call.