Pain Relief

Solution to a Modern Tragedy

Nearly 40 millions Americans are suffering from daily “arthritis pains.” These pains can lead to sprains, strains, or even degenerative joint disease. Even an estimated 10-30,000 Americans die each year from arthritis medication side-effects. But an effective medical treatment has been available for years to help most of these people. And it is available to you and your friends, right now, without surgery, without daily drugs, without a hospital stay.

Tell your family and friends that reconstructive therapy is the way to go. This non-surgical medical treatment has been shown in research studies to strengthen injured support bands (ligaments, tendons, and capsule) that surround joints. Your joints will be able to function more normally again, and in turn, you’ll have more mobility, flexibility, and reduction in pain!

Reconstructive Therapy (RT) turns on your body’s natural healing process. The body has known how to repair itself for thousands of years before doctors, drugs, and operations existed. Often times, drugs will be prescribed that actually delay the healing process. Other times, structural pieces will be removed during surgery and reduce the overall strength of an area.

Reduce your pain. Get out of your house, or maybe your wheelchair or bed! Avoid surgery and daily medications. Invest in RT now.

How You Can Heal with Injuries or Arthritis

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