PainFreeFinally with John Parks Trowbridge, MD

Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer painful discomforts and limitations every year. For many of them, troubling episodes interfere with daily activities every few months. For a frustrating number, pain that steals their comfort and cripples their capabilities becomes a constant companion.

Conventional medical care is, sadly, ineffective in helping so many who are suffering. Pain medications have serious risks, not even aspirin or tylenol is “safe.” Opioid drugs — the prescription ones handed out in the hopes that you will find your pains somewhat tolerable — are dangerous because they kill tens of thousands of unsuspecting patients each year. Many of these have taken their narcotics exactly as prescribed, not abusing at all, but they can have horrendous results because their “side effects” creep up unnoticed.

Learn the truth about “stem cells” as a realistic choice, one that could save you from slavery to the pain or to the drugs. Disability is real, loss of work can mean loss of home, loss of family, loss of independence. The time is now to find out how you might find blessed relief, because if you don’t know you have a better choice, then you don’t have any.

Our excitement “stems” from the stories we’ve been privileged to hear from Rick, whose 40 years of daily hip pains (yep, a high school football injury) simply disappeared; and from Ron, whose knee and shoulder pains (college football) went away easily; and from Ava, an energetic young adult whose daily comfort was hampered by a lingering ankle injury that crippled her activities … until it finally healed. The list goes on and on — Dr. T has shared his expertise by coaching over 3 dozen doctors around the country in the proper use of our treatments.

The term “stem cells” is blasted about all over the internet, emails, newspapers, flyers, whatever. In actual fact, the FDA is concerned that many — maybe most — of the highly advertised products and programs are simply a farce, fake news if you will. Those who claim dozens of “viable active cells” very likely do not — cannot — deliver on their promises. In fact, we feel that the term “stem cells” has now become inaccurate, and instead we now refer to them as our “Biological Assist,” (or Bio-Assist) and we’ll sometimes call them “stem cells” because everyone else does. (The FDA scientific term is “Biological Allograft,” but who can remember that?) But this new “BA” terminology acknowledges that all of the cells and many factors and chemical compounds found in our unique umbilical cord blood product are essential in creating the outstanding results that we see so often, without painful discomfort and risks to you.

Enjoy these “stem cell” videos, select the ones of most interest to you — and share the ones that your friends and family need to see! Every week we have new information and more successful experiences to share, because we want YOU to be PainFreeFinally!

When you’re ready to have your personal questions answered, simply DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN, because Cathy and Michelle are waiting to share even more of our fabulous stories with you!

Episode 1:

PainFreeFinally, Healing the Pains Ruining Your Life

Episode 2:

PainFreeFinally with Shoulder Pains, Rotator Cuff Injuries

Episode 3:

PainFreeFinally with Elbow Pains, Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

Episode 4:

PainFreeFinally with Wrist Pains, Carpal Tunnel, Hand Pains, Arthritis

Episode 5:

PainFreeFinally with Knee Pains, Torn Meniscus or Ligaments

Episode 6:

PainFreeFinally with Hip Pains, “Bone-on-Bone” Arthritis

Episode 7:

PainFreeFinally with Ankle and Foot Pains, Plantar Fasciitis

Episode 8:

PainFreeFinally with Neck Pains, Whiplash, Headaches

Episode 9:

PainFreeFinally with Low Back Pains, “Sciatica” or Disk Pains

Episode 10:

PainFreeFinally with Double-Jointedness Ligament Laxity, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Episode 11:

PainFreeFinally with TMJ Jaw Joint Pains and Headaches

Episode 12:

PainFreeFinally with Rheumatoid and Lupus Arthritis Pains

Episode 13:

PainFreeFinally with Joint Discomforts and Arthritis

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