shutterstock_108320891Instant Pain Relief

Ready to make changes to improve health? Focus on your health forecast ahead! Along with a couple guests on the show with great questions and information.

shutterstock_261953828Regaining Better Health

Sick leave? Do sick days on Monday or Friday have higher rates? Or is this true? Click to learn more!

shutterstock_265298393Hormones for Healthier Living

What do hormones have to do with living a healthier life? Most people are pleasantly surprised when comes to medical advice. Let’s get out of your pain and on with your life.

shutterstock_225278212The Yeast Syndrome – Recover

Don’t hold out on your health. Always check up on time with your doctor. How does the Yeast Syndrome make you sick? Find out with Dr. Trowbridge.

shutterstock_250424386“Sticky” Blood

What is “Sticky” Blood? What does it have to do with heart attacks and strokes? Is your blood flow doing well?