Instant Pain Relief

Ready to make changes to improve health? Focus on your health forecast ahead! Along with a couple guests on the show with great questions and information.

Regaining Better Health

Sick leave? Do sick days on Monday or Friday have higher rates? Or is this true? Click to learn more!

Hormones for Healthier Living

What do hormones have to do with living a healthier life? Most people are pleasantly surprised when comes to medical advice. Let’s get out of your pain and on with your life.

The Yeast Syndrome – Recover

Don’t hold out on your health. Always check up on time with your doctor. How does the Yeast Syndrome make you sick? Find out with Dr. Trowbridge.

“Sticky” Blood

shutterstock_250424386What is “Sticky” Blood? What does it have to do with heart attacks and strokes? Is your blood flow doing well?