Reconstructive Therapy

Dr. Trowbridge is certified in arthritis and pain medicine by the American Board of Biological Reconstructive Medicine.

Every day, about 40 million Americans suffer from daily “arthritis pains.” Pains may lead to sprains, strains and even degenerative joint disease. Often times, pain medicine doesn’t take away the pain. Surgery is expensive and sometimes the pain may still be felt afterwards.

Dr. Trowbrige offers a solution just for you without surgery or daily drugs! Reconstructive therapy strengthens injured support bands (ligaments, tendons, and capsules) that surround joints. From here, your joints are able to function properly, restoring your mobility and flexibility, leaving you with less pain!

The body is designed to repair itself. Before doctors, drugs, and operations even existed, we relied on our body’s natural healing process. Rely on your body–not surgery. Reduce your pain. Get out of your house, or maybe your wheelchair or bed! Avoid surgery and daily medications. Invest in RT!


  • Advanced prolotherapy/sclerotherapy non-surgical treatment, without daily drugs
  • Low back Pain, Sciatica, Sacroiliac Pain
  • Neck Pain, Shoulder and Arm Pain, Shoulder Rotator Cuff
  • Knee/Ankle/Foot Pain, Elbow/Wrist/Hip Pains
  • Headache that won’t get better