Recurring Patterns Of Health Problems Can Indicate Yeast Syndrome

Do you have a recurring pattern of seemingly minor health problems? You know, like a cold and upper respiratory problems every say, August and December? Or whenever they occur for you, there’s definitely a recurring pattern.

Sometimes your doctor may even comment on the regularity of your visits and routine of prescribing antibiotics. In fact, your doctor might have your prescription ready for you when you arrive for your appointment! Most people don’t wonder why they don’t get better. They don’t even question why the same malady keeps coming back.

I’ve treated so many patients who finally found their way to my office after years of suffering. They ultimately got fed up with not getting better and someone they knew recommended they see me. Of course I would like to be the first doctor they see, but I’m usually the last, when people feel they’ve run out of options!

The problem is that most doctors merely focus on symptoms. Instead of getting to the root of the issue, they prescribe antibiotics or other pills to treat symptoms. My experience has shown that many of those seemingly “nothing” patterns indicate that the suffering may be caused by the Yeast Syndrome.

The program of dietary changes, nutritional supplements, and medications aimed at treating The Yeast Syndrome produces welcome improvements within weeks. And rarely do people realize how connected their discomforts might be. Constant weight gain, back aches, hair loss –the list of seemingly minor issues that can flare up as a result of The Yeast Syndrome is a long one.

Are you ready not just to feel better but to actually get better? If you are, give my office a call and let’s get to the bottom of what’s preventing you from feeling your best.