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The Yeast SyndromeDiscover the history behind this very effective treatment.

The ground breaking book you MUST read! 

Are you “stuck” on drugs you have to take often… or all the time?Is your doctor “stumped” at finding an answer for your problems? Are you too young to be “sick” the way you are? Chances are good that YOU might have easily treatable problems with a secret infection: YEAST!
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Is your doctor simply “In the dark” that safe and effective treatments for heart disease, strokes, leg circulation changes have been around for over 50 years?

Here’s an enjoyable summary, so that YOU can be informed about “chelation” your “KEY to better health.”

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Drugs, surgery ,physical therapy – and maybe years of continuing pain and limitation, even diasbility. Have you grown sick and tired of suffering with pain? You owe it your family (and yourself!) to find out about “Reconstructive Therapy,” a safe, easy, effective, non-surgical treatment… yes, it really works for most people!

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