Seven Questions to Ask Your Dentist if You Want to Reduce Dental Toxins

Not all dentists are created alike–not even all biological dentists are created alike. With the heightened awareness of the dangers of mercury and mercury amalgam fillings, more dentists are becoming “mercury-free” without really knowing what i means to be “mercury-safe.”

While perusing the news files recently, I came across a good article on that provides a good set of questions you can use if you are looking to have your mercury amalgam fillings safely removed. Rather than recreate the wheel, I’ve posted a copy of the article below–with full credit to the author and website, of course. I hope it helps in your search!

Seven Questions to Ask Your Dentist if You Want to Reduce Dental Toxins

by: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (

shutterstock_291626231(NaturalNews) Amalgam fillings are composed of mercury, silver, tin, copper and other trace metals. A growing body of evidence
suggests that amalgam fillings contribute to many degenerative diseases and cancers. According to a report published by The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, there are over 1000 tons of mercury in the mouths of unsuspecting Americans.

Understanding the effects of amalgam fillings on your body is key to protecting and maintaining your health. Since your teeth are living entities that have direct connections to your circulatory and lymphatic systems, you want to insist that whatever dental products are inserted in your teeth are safe and non-toxic.

Many dentists may “claim” to practice mercury free dentistry but their procedures are a far cry from it.

Asking questions about their dental practices once you are sitting in the dental chair, is not the most prudent way to protect your health. Be prepared and ask questions ahead of time.

Here are a few sample questions to ask your dentist to see if he or she understands the importance of practicing holistic dentistry

  1. Do you believe that amalgams are toxic and create a biological hazard to the body?
  2. How do you feel about the relationship between amalgams and various diseases?
  3. When you remove amalgams, do you initially use an amalgameter to test the electrical charge on the tooth to see which quadrant needs primary attention?
  4. Do you offer a serum compatibility blood test in order to determine what materials will not cause an allergic reaction when you replace the amalgams?
  5. Do you believe that there is a tooth-organ relationship through the acupuncture meridian system? In other words, do you believe that a toxic tooth could have an effect on a particular organ?
  6. When you remove and replace amalgams, do you use special mercury vapor filters and offer oxygen while performing the procedure? Do you use a rubber dam to protect the mouth from pieces of amalgam that are being removed?
  7. Do you belong to a professional organization that supports biological or mercury-free dentistry? What kind of training have you had and when?

Various studies conducted on animals and humans clearly indicate the deposits of mercury in various organs as a result of amalgam
fillings in the teeth

shutterstock_130569779In the analysis of breast cancer tissue, scientist has discovered the accumulation of heavy metals, such as mercury and cadmium in biopsied tissues.

Metals have also been associated with activation of specific estrogen receptors and the increase in breast cancer cells.

Whether you want to simply maintain your health or you are on a healing journey, asking the right questions about the dental procedures that may potentially affect your health is very critical.

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