Special October Surprise!

Celebrate with us Dr. T’s father’s 100th birthday anniversary:

October 14(10-14)

Grab your share of 10-14!

Affectionately known to us as “Papa,” Jack was a favorite everywhere and with everyone. His Air Force career as a flight instructor then bomber pilot was testimony to his love and respect for our awesome country. “Jack” and “John” (Dr. T) were close—he’s actually a “Junior”—and ever more so after the death of Dr. T’s lovely mother. They loved to head out to the airport for a late afternoon “fly around” our beautiful Texas countryside.

Some of you have seen the “Alien Testimonial” proudly displayed in the corner of our Reception Lobby—Papa was a deputy intelligence officer in Roswell—yes, flying the atom bomb as a deterrent to another war—when the saucer crashed in 1947. Yes, he held pieces of the “spaceship.”Yes, it really was from another world!

How about asking Rena or Brooke for a copy of Papa’s Affidavit? Or the memorial DVD?

So … what on earth is “10-14”?

To celebrate Papa’s historic life, we’re offering a special never-before bonus for you: Everyone who receives a stem cell treatment during the month of October 2017 will have deposited into their account an additional $1,014.00 credit to use for future services or supplements.

The same provisions apply as for our pre-pay bonuses: if you leave our practice or otherwise request a refund, the credit (or any such balance remaining) will be deducted. Maybe you’re ready for your revitalizing stem cells? Get a copy of our stem cell book: Failure is not an Option.

DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN to talk with Cathy or Michelle, our Treatment Counselors Stem cell orders must be prepaid at least the week ahead for us to receive them on time for your treatment.