Reconstructive Therapy: The Arthritis Cure Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

Reconstructive Therapy: The Arthritis Cure Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

Did you know that more than 40 million Americans suffer from arthritis pains? With those numbers, the odds are that you might be one of them.

Did you know that there is a simple, medicine-free way to help eliminate those pains?

It’s called Reconstructive Therapy.MC900438790

Reconstructive Therapy is a non-surgical medical treatment that has been shown to strengthen injured ligaments, tendons, and capsules that surround joints. Stronger “soft tissue bands” allow your joints to function more normally again. This, in turn, increases your mobility and flexibility and reduces your pains.

Reconstructive Therapy (RT, for short) uses the body’s natural healing processes to help strengthen the soft tissue bands, thereby eliminating joint pain.

The miracle of healing is a major part of your birthright as a human being. The body has known how to repair itself for thousands of years before there were doctors and drugs and operations, but we have to give it the opportunity to heal itself by eliminating obstacles and making it easier for the body.

It often seems faster and easier to simply prescribe drugs. Indeed, modern medicine has provided “miracle cures” for all kinds of ailments, diseases, and medical problems over the years. Unfortunately, doctors prescribe aspirin, “anti-inflammatory” arthritis medications, cortisone, etc. that retard the healing process when it comes to arthritis and joint pains. They do operations that remove structural pieces, often reducing the overall strength of an area. And they usually underestimate the importance of ligaments and other “support bands” in maintaining proper and painless function in your neck, back, and other joints.

MC900438751Did You Know?

An estimated 10 – 30,000 Americans die each year from side-effects of the “arthritis” medications available by prescription or (increasingly) over-the-counter. And thousands more will be disappointed that surgery failed to deliver the excellent results they expected and for which they desperately hoped.

Reconstructive Therapy offers a simple, viable alternative to potentially devastating and ineffective drugs. At our office outside of Houston, Texas, Dr. Trowbridge has been helping people eliminate joint pain for years using these simple, effective techniques. No side-effects. No costly drugs. No debilitating surgeries. Just helping the body to heal itself.

The truth about the body is this: it didn’t break down over night. It won’t heal over night, either. But for most people, the REASON their joints hurt is due to a variety of cumulative factors that, over the years, have developed into a serious problem that seems irreversible. And most doctors prefer to treat joint pain as irreversible. Instead of treating the cause of the pain, they look to cover it up and pretend it won’t get worse.

Time to Turn the Page

It’s time to turn the page on medicine. Let’s look at pain from a different perspective: your body is trying to tell you something listen to your body and fix the PROBLEM. Stop covering up the symptoms and pretending that it isn’t there.

If you have joint pain, contact us today to find out if Reconstructive Therapy might be your way to a pain-free life.