Presentation: Second Chance For Those Who Survived Their First Heart Attack (And Those Who Want To)

What IF a Second Opinion Could SAVE YOU From An Avoidable Operation Or Side-Effects of Drugs?


Times are tight. Everyone’s squeezing the last bit of value out of every dollar. And for many, that means going to hospitals and doctors that accept your insurance.

What people often overlook is how such a choice might impact their future well being. It’s not just a matter of “this” or “that” doctor who do the same operation, it’s not just a matter of “this” or “that” drug that do basically the same treatment, it’s not just a matter of “this or “that” hospital that provides essentially the same kind of care.

What IF ….. your “bone-on-bone” arthritis could get dramatically better without surgery? Our results with RT have been dramatic over the past 22 years – a fact you wouldn’t know unless you were here for treatments! (Our “90 %” success with neck and back and shoulder and knee pains is over-shadowed by our success with ankles … we’ve never yet missed getting one better.)

What IF ….. your congestive heart failure improved with our almost-20-year-old program developed to help just exactly that? Again, a fact you wouldn’t know. (Our leg treatments work even better, and we’re thrilled to save folks from amputations.)

What IF ….. your reflux esophagitis (“heartburn” or belly pains) went away with our seemingly-magic program that returns your gut to more normal function? How would you know? (MOST of our patients had “given up,” believing that their discomforts could never get better – after all, they’d had the ‘scopes and x-rays and CAT scans and so on and on for years. Do you know how many hundreds of medical problems improve when treated as The Yeast Syndrome?)

As people have started pinching their pennies, many have forgotten to invite their friends and family to consider a Second Opinion with us, before they go on with surgery or “Ask your doctor if BLAH-BLAH is the right medicine for you.”

So, we want to remind you – we’re here to meet your needs, turning your God-given ability for healing into wonderful results for you, without daily drugs and without surgery. Are you ready to get out of your pain and on with your life? We’re ready to help ….. YOU!

Feeling Better Naturally

Finally the answers you need to address your concerns about YOUR health. For the first ever we have added recordings our Dr. Trowbridges’ radio show “Feeling Better Naturally” – 42 shows with special guests, hot topics, and direct up front answers.  From Adrenal Fatigue to Weight Loss we have it covered!

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