Happy New Year Happy No Yeast

As we launch into this New Year and New Decade, after spending the holidays indulging in rich food and drink, thoughts of getting into shape and getting healthy are dominant in the minds of many. This is the time of year that the airwaves are flooded with TV commercials for gym memberships and diets and a multitude of weight-loss products. That’s the way it’s been for decades and the way it will continue to be.


What I would like to do is to help those who suffer from painful conditions, that often begin with overindulging and grow into any number of diseases, shift perspective. I have been writing about and treating patients for conditions brought about by yeast for several decades. I co-wrote The Yeast Syndrome back in 1986 with Morton Walker, DPM. However, while many people have adopted healthier lifestyles that include non-yeast producing foods, so many more have not. Yeast is still one of the major contributors to the declining health of millions of people. And, as our culture becomes more enamored with technology and surgery and “quick fixes,” its consequences are being ignored in favor of “sexier” “more advanced” treatments.


There are over 60 identified yeasts that grow silently in the gut, percolating toxins designed to interfere with essential metabolic processes, creating or worsening virtually every acute and chronic disease process. Damage to metabolism due to these toxins creates failing organ systems, leading to diagnosis of various chronic diseases. If you suffer from a condition your doctor has been unable to diagnose, you could be suffering from the effects of yeast.


Make this the year and decade that you get to the true source of your health challenges. After all, your health is your greatest wealth. Call our office today and schedule an appointment to discuss your symptoms and ask our receptionist to send you informative materials. 1-800-FIX-PAIN.