Is YOUR glass half full?

Consider the FACTS!

We hear all sorts of conflicting “stories” during this political season … like, for instance, have the Democrats raided from Medicare some $716 billion dollars … or not? The FACTS should be clear from events that can be documented – so why all the stories and claims that “the other guys” are lying?

Well, the fact is that the glass is half full – they DID raid Medicare – or half empty – they DID raid Medicare. Or not. So which is it?

It all depends.

Depends on what?

On your viewpoint, looking at the same glass as someone who claims just the opposite … looking at the very same glass!

The very same is true regarding “integrative medical treatments” – some say they work, some say they don’t … looking at the very same improvements in so many patients.

So here’s your choice – feel better or … keep taking the drugs and having the surgery and complaining of feeling sick and tired. It all depends on your point of view!

Each One … Reach One

Special Savings for You are around the corner!

This election on November 6th is important for the health of our country and for the health of health care for your future. So each and every vote counts! Our job is to get out the vote, for Each One to Reach One MORE!

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How best to “reach” your family and friends?

Remember that we have over 50 free DVDs and CDs that explain many of our integrative medical treatments … as well as books and brochures in plain English not doctor-talk.


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